City Commission Meeting 7/14/08

I recieved the following in a Bike Kitchen email today.

...tonight the city commission will be working on the buget for 08-09; taylor told us that the streets department will be asking for a large budget increase, part of which will cover a new street sweeper to specifically focus on bike lanes. you can email the entire commission at

I know there are varied views on bike lanes, but clearly Bozeman is receptive to bikes as traffic. If you feel strongly about how the city spends your tax dollars, then weigh in. We are the practical cyclists in this area and the city commission is deciding on infrastructure for bicycles. What do we want to see happen in Bozeman?

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Mr DNA said...

I want to see beer taps sticking out of the ground at every traffic light, manned by gorgeous, fit, scantily..

wait, wrong blog. My bad.

Singletrack Mind said...

Naw with it! You had a good thought process going there. I want to see pro italian racers in nothing but bibs at every light too...

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