On the ground in Portland

I'm not really posting this, well I mean I am, but this is our own Captain Entropy corresponding from Portland Or this week. You can check his twitter feed for updates in real time these internets are wonderful. --->

Truly Portland Oregon is the most cycling affluent city in the world. A city where one can find, in the same block, a bakfiets, a pizza joint, and a huffy clad in fur. From the looks of things this bike is the Portland equivalent of the Aspen fox fur boots. Unfortunately I was unable to see the owner of this animabike anywhere. Of course it was early in the morning, perhaps this bike had been left after a raucous night at the bar. It couldn't be that hard to find your fur bedazzled bike outside the bar at 2am, unless this really is a Portland trend and everyone who's anyone is sporting a furbike. Its a good thing I brought my passport cause I am definitely not in America anymore.


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