Help Keep Mr.DNA From Drunken Cycling

Tomorrow we will have bike polo. Last week I dragged the mallets to the Hawthorne School to play, and ended up getting hammered with C-note and the Code Monkeys (also an excellent name for a band) out at the 19th Hole because not enough people showed up. Let's all pull together and do our part to keep this disgrace to our community from happening again.
Polo starts at (or around) 7:30 on Wednesdays, behind the Hawthorne school on Rouse, across from the old library. It's a SCHOOL so be sure to keep any drinking very discreet; dip into your bag of tricks from high school if you must.
For the uninitiated, we play the urban style of bike polo; 10 minute games of 3-on-3 played on pavement or concrete. We *used* to play in a concrete box coated on the inside with infectious diseases and a grotesque shape-shifting monster in the corner and sharpened rusty knives at shoulder height, insuring only the strong of will and skill would play. That is, until the cops came and kicked us out because they were worried about us. (it's my blog, I can tell the story any way I want).

But really, it's a whole lotta fun, you should come and play.

Ok? Tomorrow. 7:30. Polo. Hawthorne School playground.



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