Your Internets Are Belong To Us.

Here at The Bozeman Fix, we are not only bike nerds, but plain old nerds in general.
(Disclaimer: I am writing this on Sunday Morning, kind of recovering from drinking Schlitz and PBR with C-Note last night. My syntax skillz are still asleep.)

Anyway, if your life is monotonous and you need something else on the internets to distract you, I've started a Twitter stream and it gets repeated over there --->
Or go to

-DNA (aka ChunkStyle)


Singletrack Mind said...

And while you're busy twittering DNA and all your other friends, make sure to get the word out about polo on Wednesday. There's been talk about forming actual teams and getting some rivalries going.

So get your peeps together and talk a little smack.

And wear pants.

Mr DNA said...


That word, more than others, is fun to say.


Singletrack Mind said...

Especially with a British accent

'By Jove Matilda...I beleive that chap is walking down the lane with no pants !

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