Is the Apocalypse Nigh?

If you read BSNYC, and if you are reading this chances are that you do, then you are likely familiar with Snob's rants about the impending fided gear apocalypse. Well I put it to you that an impending sign of the coming rapture is the "Zumiez" like "Fixies". Clearly this type of store is approaching our reality like a recession in our econmy. As a hick boy in the big city it takes very short amount of time to notice how things are vastly ahead of our own town. Hipsters are everywhere. Everywhere you look; tight and I mean jumped into tight, jeans are pedaling bikes. More often than not they are fixies. I see the day when the local mall has a "Fixies" store for all the up and coming hipsters get there garb. Everything from ironic t-shirts and CHIPS sunglasses to tightpants and bowler hats, all comercialized and marginalized the way of punk rock in the 90's. America, is that really


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