Pictures From Hellracer 2

Finally, here's some pictures from Hellracer 2 in Boise. Well, before and after pictures.

Back from Boise.......Hellracer 2!!!!!!!

...message left on Sethela's voicemail by Mr DNA:

"Hey...we're done racin and drinkin, the Bozeman contingent kicked some serious ass today. Beezie got second in the WINNER'S division and I got 5th, so we both got some booty. That's right, Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooty."

Friday night Bizzle fa Shizzle and I left for Boise to participate in Hellracer 2. Charlie the Ninja and his roomate Dustin (not the dead Dustin) were kind enought to put us up for the weekend and take us places to get good and drunk.
At the Mardi Gras: Loud Punk, great costumes (except for us), Gwar with a thong.
At the Neurolux: Strong IPA, Orange PBR, and a touch of vomit on the bar.
At the Piehole: ooohhh, real pizza. I know it's not regarded as quality, but compared to the crappy pizza we get in Bozeman it was damn good.

Saturday-race at 1ish, I found the first three stops on my own and then hung with Triton and Ben for a 5th place finish. Bizzle caught up to Dustin (not the dead Dustin) and wouldn't let him out of her sight. Pretty good for someone who had never done this AND managed to run into the side of my car that morning. Yes, the car WAS parked.

Post-race: At the Front Door, more great pizza, copious amounts of 2 below, and just great people to hang out with. Then it was on to the Neurolux for more Orange PBR.

Sunday-drive home, no place to get good coffee at 5 am in Boise on a sunday. Bozeman at 2:30, race at 3.

A HUGE thanks to everyone in Boise, esp. Chris and the Warlocks, Charlie the Ninja, Dustin(not the dead Dustin), Triton, and everyone else! Extra Special Thanks to Megan for the shirts, coffee, and buttons! Everybody should be drinking Hammer Coffee...I am this week! We had a fantastic time, and we'll sure make it back for the Pedalphile on Easter.

ignore this.

This is here only because I'm a computer 'tard and I want to post a pic on FGG.