Alleycat Results

Just a short blurb until I get to writing a full post:

First place men: Captain E
First place women: Why didn't any women show up?!?!
Moxie Award: Gus, for riding a cruiser with 1/2 a handlebar.
Getting the crashing out of the way early award: Casey
Riding a completely inappropriate bike award: John

Wiley's Pictures on The Practical Pedal

Spring Alleycat Update 2

Prizes- We got 'em! Thanks to the local businesses that gave up some support: Barrel Mountaineering, Gerty, 317 pub, Plonk, Bad Taste, and Bangtail Bikes. Entry will include an afternoon of hot racing and maybe a little somethin' else.
See you Sunday!

Butter #1

Tubes are here! Tubes are here! Yay!

Spring Alleycat-Update!

OK, the next alleycat is a go. Sunday, April 29th meet at 2:00 PM for the 'Aint no Hollaback Alleycat'. Entry is $5. We've got some great prizes lined up from Plonk, Gerty, and Bad Taste as well as some others I'm working on.
Winning will get you some booty, but there's more to it than that. There's the ongoing Moxie award (currently held by Captain E) and others as we see fit. So come and race anyway, even if you're riding a cruiser.
We meet at 2PM at Cooper Park. Make sure you have a bag (or some other means of carrying stuff) and a writing implement. HINT.
As always, any kind of bikes are welcome. Geared, Fixed, Single Speed, Mountain, Road, Trike, Tallbike, whatever.

Special Thanks to local businesses who are excited to be involved by donating prizes. Show your thanks by supporting them.

Pete's First Bike

Here's some pics of Pete's first shot at building his own frame. He made a track-geometry fixed-gear, nice lugged steel frame and fork. He built the wheels with orange Velocity Deep-V rims and NJS-stamped Dura-Ace hubs, Sugino crankset, and a Nitto track bar. I'd say it is a success. Nice job, Pete.
More pictures here.

1st Alleycat of the Season

Ok, Everyone (aka you two). Sunday, April 29th is the next Alleycat. Location:TBD. Entry: TBD, probably around $5. Time: around 2 pm. I still gotta go around and beg for prizes and booze. I also would like to know who is (or knows someone) willing to work a stop. That pretty much means standing and signing manifests. It might mean sitting in a bar handing out drinks. Leave a comment if you're interested. Thanks.

Beyond T-Shirts

Hey everyone- I'd like for you all to meet the newest member of the greater Bicycle Community. This little guy showed up on our doorstep a few days ago and doesn't seem like he's leaving anytime soon.
Everyone, meet Butter Bikes.
Butter Bikes, meet Everyone.

Butter is destined for great things. More than a simple bike company, it's a method of living that minimizes one's impact on the Earth while maximizing one's enjoyment in transportation. There's going to be bikes; cool, fun, innovative ones. But there's also going to be fun shirts like from our friends at BZNDesigns, smart bike accessories, and maybe even some yummy recipes.

You know, cuz Butter makes it Better.

The plan is to chronicle the growth of a collection of good ideas into a bike company, one that has a real desire to improve our World by starting with the community.
Check back often, and check out the Butter Bikes blog.