This isn't for the faint of heart. So unless you find humor in pain, don't watch this.

ps: Yes, twitter has video postings now. Gross

April Alleycat

Bunny-hop your neck!

This is huge!!

Chainring disk break

I think I was at the Bike Kitchen one even discussing how terrifying it would be if horses were carnivorous predators and somehow fell into the subject of disk breaks on fixed gears. Someone mentioned that they had seen one where the break was actually attached to the chainring instead of a rotor on the hub. Well, I finally saw some pictures of just that today and thought I would share it. Im not sure how well this works but I must admit I like the idea and I think it looks pretty neat. I think it sufficiently maintains the clean look of a fixed gear that makes that style of bike so appealing in the first place. Read up on it here.

RAPHA : Epicly OOPS...

If you have ever sold a kidney or your body on the street for some RAPHA gear then you know its usually worth it! The pieces of cycling clothing I own from them are pretty awesome. However, while perusing their online catalog/updating my rolodex of black market organ traders, I noticed a small problem with RAPHA's Country Jersey line. This line of jerseys is designed to pay homage to some of the greatest cycling oriented countries in the world; Italy, France, Belgium, and Britain. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a snafu regarding the Italian and French jerseys. With each jersey the national flag is embroidered on the left arm, only the Italian tricolore seems to be upside down and the French flag is actually the colors of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. OOPS. What gives? They got it right last year. Oh well, I suppose that everyone makes mistakes. However, I do think that some mistakes should lower the price of things about 100 bones or so. Good news if you are a fan of GB or can't get enough Belgian cobblestones smothered in cow poo, your jerseys are spot on!

Quick public service announcement


The rebuttal

Today Lance and Tony had their talk. Not much to say, Lance kept it cool and Tony is ...probably still an ass. Take a listen here.


Tony Kornhieser seems to have a bit of a bone to pick with cyclists in the DC area. Of course, its hard to not feel upset when you listen to him encouraging drivers to, "run them down", but I believe it is important to maintain a cool head and remember that people like him will probably never touch a bike. I would not call him an ignorant person. I believe that most of the things that he said were because his "YES" men were lapping up every word and begging for more. However, if he really does entertain the idea of giving cyclists that are in his way a "tap" every now and again, I think that he might need a stern talking to. Hmm, who would we want administering this verbal spanking? Oh wait! I know! Lance-the pantz- Armstrong! Seems the Texan caught wind of the talk show broadcast and gave Tony a call. Lance's twitter says that he was very sorry, and Lance is now scheduled to come on the show and talk with him. It will be interesting to hear what is discussed. Personally, I would hope for more of a friendly debate between the two. Unfortunately, I think that Tony's apology has already set him up for about 20 min of groveling. See what you think:
Seen at Prolly's joint.


Yo wuz UP! Im Andrew, and I say please ignore the broblablabah at the beginning of this video.


Too funny

This might be one of the funniest things I've seen in a while:

treadmill footjam from zack gerber on Vimeo.

Color Choice is Important

When you purchase your next bike seat, make sure its color is well chosen.

Submitted by cwallace.

More Chris Akrigg Fixie Awesomesauce

Chris Akrigg is this Scottish (I think) guy who can ride better than you. After making a name for himself by creating the brakeless trials genre (yes, with a freewheel and thankfully nothing like Ted Shred) he gave riding a fixed gear bike a whirl. Here's his second video:

Chris Akrigg THE MAURICE.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.