Not too much going on.

Sorry to say. The snow, while welcome, has put a significant damper on mountain biking, polo, and really, any kind of cycling other than assertively taking up space on the road while riding around town. We had a good bit of fun this last Sunday with Wiley, having a Ridiculous Cycling Photo Sesh at Gus's place and Cooper Park. Oh, good times were had by all...Xtracycle surfing, Xtracycle power slides (with passenger!), snow racing and crashing, and more. The funny thing is that this all happened without the aid of the most powerful silliness-inducing elixir for bike geeks like us, alcohol.
I won't drone on here, this really is a 'you had to be there' kind of a thing, but here's a hint of what happened. Hope to see you next time!