No Polo Wednesday

No Polo Tonight!
Meet at 317 for drinks at 9 instead.


Thanksgiving Ride TOMORROW

Wanna not feel guilty about eating tomorrow? Want to eat more? Then ride with us in the morning.

Thanksgiving morning, 10am. At the Co-op (no other coffee shop is open). We're meeting for a ride about town. The more inappropriate the bike, the better. We'll meander through town and eventually end up on some town trails. Figure on about 2 or so hours.

More wierdness. (takes a bit to load. Patience.)


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Polo! Polo! Polo!

My friend Casey from Fargo will be in town Friday through Monday.  She's the one who got me into playing bike polo and also the one who got me into bike cooperatives. 

Let's get a polo game together on Sunday so she can come kick it with us.  And although the Old English lettering on her fingers in the picture is awesome she'll be the first to admit she's glad it's not a real tatoo.

So call the people you know who don't read the blog and tell your friends and family on Thanksgiving that we're going be rockin' it on Sunday.  If you know you will or won't be there post a comment below.  If it seems like no one can show then her and I figure something else out.   

Long Live Long Bikes!

Load carrying bikes are not a new concept for us here at the Fix. C-note has an Xtracycle, I've had an Xtracycle for about 4 years and a BOB trailer for 10. Captain Entropy has his, well, prairie schooner. Friends have a Big Dummy.
But this week Capn' E got a bike that out-utilities all other load carrying bikes: the Madsen. Built as an affordable, simple, utilitarian bike for hauling groceries, kids, firewood...well anything that fits in or on its bin.
Naturally, we thoroughly check its capabilities by utilizing our customary testing process:
  1. drink some beers
  2. go for a ride

As you can probably see from the pics, it passed. Thumbs up. Very success.


Bozeman Bike Polo Forums

In the beginning there was the word and the word was blog. And the blog shall continue into the future. In the present comes the forum. And the forum shall continue into the future. In the future the Internets will surround you, will love you, will protect you. But most importantly the Internets will pwn you.

Tom and I promised you forums. So forums have been created. Visit said forums on t3h Web spaces at:

Polo Tonight

Last night Nash, Tom, and I got some more mallets made. Thanks to Sam for getting the ABS for the mallet heads. Hopefully they'll be a bit tougher than the PVC we've been using.

Also, if you're on Facebook check out the Bozeman Bike Polo group. I'll be important things on there too in the future. Maybe more, since it's really easy to use.

Ok, see you tonight!


Mallet Building Tonight, 6pm.

Mallet Building. Grab an old ski pole or golf club and come on down to the new Bike Kitchen location. Off of Rouse, head east at the Meat Shoppe. Go down that short street, it's in the garage at the end on the left.
I'll have my drill and bits and a hacksaw. Maybe I'll pick up some epoxy. You'll need to provide your own grip tape (hockey tape works well, available at Summit or Army-Navy) and pipe. Try to find 2" O.D. PVC will work but eventually will break- you've been warned. Sam might bring some ABS.

Ok, see you there.


EDIT- Donations for supplies will be gladly accepted.

Y34H N3r|>z

Sorry I couldn't help it. You know who you are LOLMALFJOISHAOFHIOSFOJD...OMGROTFLMFAO

I only have one question...

What the fuck is this guy's problem?


Oh, and my other question is why the fuck aren't you coming to polo on Wednesdays?

I love my bicycle

I love my bicycle, and so did these two lovely ladies.  


Maybe this is why I'm single.
(and no, it's not me)


Polo Pics

Last night we had some good polo. Alex did his part to wrest the title of "Most Entropious" from our own Captain Entropy by folding two rear wheels tonight. Tom managed to get a mallet in his front wheel, Cruiser Sam showed up and I almost killed Sten. Good times, all around.

Anyway, here's some (trippy) pics:


America, Thank You.

Dear United States of America:
You have made me proud. You managed to wade through the slough of partisan discontent and bitterness, you worked together and voted in an historic election. You helped to put some of the final nails in the coffin of racial antagonism. You came out in record numbers to send a message that We, as a nation, are calling the shots and We will no longer allow ourselves to be led in the direction we've been in.

Let's all strive to remember this time, let's not forget what is important to us, as a nation. Let's all work together to make this country the beacon of opportunity and justice that it should be.

Thank you.


Velo de los Muertos Video promised.
Thanks to C-note for the video footage (pretty good, considering it's a handheld digicam) and to all you bike freaks that came out to play.

Enjoy. :)

oh- and thanks to the 208 guys for some "ideas". Heh.


I'm not going to regurgitate the news, there's plenty of places to get off in that manner.
What I do want to bring up is something I saw today, something that gave me a smidgen more respect for our future president.


Stolen Bike!

Today I got a sad message. Demon Dan's bike got stolen from the Co-op. No, it wasn't the singlespeeded Pugsley, it was a blue univega with a Campy front hub, DA rear hub, Ritchey cranks, Open Pro rims, a green saddle, and a seahorse on the headtube.

He's filed a police report, so if you find it just call the cops.

Keep yer eyes peeled!