The Fixie Sixty (2)

Bozeman. Raise your glasses. Tip your hats

John Friedrich is leaving Bozeman to start his new job with Specialized Bicycles. We here at The Bozeman Fix are going to miss him. Shit, he started this blog, if you read it, you are going to miss him too.

Mr. Friedrich has been an integral part of the Bozeman Bicycle scene for the past decade. He is responsible for singlehandedly facilitating an alleycat scene in Bozeman, and Bozeman Bike Polo, and Bozeman's too-short-lived GoldSprint series, as well as being an integral member of The Dirt Concern, and actively advocating for The Montana Mountain Bike Alliance. He is also one of the finest bike mechanics Bozeman has.

We could go on and on listing John's bicycle bona fides, but the fact remains, that while we are happy for him, we are losing a very good friend.

Enjoy Northern California John! The Bozeman bike geeks raise their glasses and tip their hats to you.


Congratulations Reuben and Alice!! We love you!

This is how The Bozeman Fix crowd celebrates the wedding of two of our own. We wish Reuben and Alice all the happiness in the world. We love you both so much. Blessings on your union. Keep riding together!

Photo: John Friedrich

Give 'Er, Captain E

Captain E pwns it on a freak bike.

Stolen Bike

We have been alerted to another stolen bike in Bozeman. It is a sea-foam green cruiser with ape-hanger handle-bars, and a black banana seat.

Email casey [AT] bozemanbikekitchen [DOT] org if you have any details about this bike. Or call the Bozeman PD, the owner says he reported it stolen.

Keep yer eyes peeled.

Bozeman Hardcourt Bike Polo

Our usual polo location, Hawthorne School is under construction and a new court has been discovered by a small crew of trepidatious polo warriors.  A well lighted, underground location with the potential for winter play has been sourced in the basement of the NEW Bozeman parking garage.  It's small and there are some barriers but I think it will suffice in the interim.

Here is a completely unrelated photo of a man in a hotdog hat.

Bozeman Magpie Features "Back to School" Alleycat

A new alternative-press-ezine-blog-newspaper sorta thingy called the Bozeman Magpie sprung up into the ethers recently and has been covering everything from summer ski sessions to the best of Bozeman.  Today they posted a story of some of our own here at The Fix with a story about the Back to School Alleycat race held recently.

The folks at the Magpie have a thing for prose and the photography ain't bad either so quit reading this dirtbag blog and go edjumacate yourself and read their article about the Bozeman Alleycat Races 

 Photo by John Parker (stolen with complete and utter disregard for copyright)