Hear that? It's coming soon.

I know I know. It's still rainy and shitty out there. Some of us are even still skiing.

But soon, very soon, it will be time to ride again.

Whistler Report S2E2 - A-Line POV from nsmb.com on Vimeo.

Giro D'Italia 1974 - Now THIS is Doping

Thanks to Ian for pointing this out.


STOLEN: Green Specialized Stumpjumper with Xtracycle longtail attachment.  
Stolen from neighborhood Southwest of Fairgrounds between 11pm May 22nd and 6am May 23rd.
If you have info regarding this theft please email

  • Sage green Stumpjumper frame (serial #95A0652)
  • Red Marzocchi Atom 80 fork
  • Shimano Alfine Dynamo front hub
  • B&M headlight
  • Blue padded deck
  • Rear handle bars
  • Shimano XTR rear hub
  • Schawble Marathon front tire
  • Kenda rear tire
  • BG seat
  • SRAM grips and gripshifters
  • XT cranks
  • Planet Bike front and rear fenders
  • Bell
  • Two rear reflectors mounted to the Xtracycle freeloaders
  • Avid BB7 front disc brakes

The Bozeman Fix - Bike Move v3

@tymorrisonheath put out the call for cargo cyclists to load up his possessions by bicycle and move them from near Koch and 11th out across the interstate to some storage units on Rouse.  The Bozeman Fix cargo hauling crew showed up ready to move.  On the scene was the Bozeman Daily Chronicle's Jodi Hausen who shot this short video:

If the video doesn't load, see it in the left-sidebar of the on the Chronicle's website article Bozeman's bike week kicks off with kid's rodeo.


Wizard Staffs Across the World

June 25th, 2011. Mark thine calendars.  

only in San Fransisco

This video is so full of artists that I got a confused a few times. Is the "organic" "environment" that the riders will be riding the same as the ramps, or will they simply be hanging their fixed gears on the walls as if they were also art?

So confusing! The one thing that is more confusing to me is why these dudes aren't riding bmx? I know there is a separation with the whole fixed/free thing, but dude come on. I've seen 12 year olds getting more air on their walmart bikes than these dudes on their $3000 fixed/freestyle bikes.

But at least their riding and having fun on bikes. I can't get too mad at them for that, even though peg grinds with 700c wheels are still stupid.