Danny Macaskill

Here is some cool stuff with Danny Macaskill, Martin Soderstrom and Daniel Dhers. Daniel Dhers doesn't do shit in the video, but the other stuff with Martin and Danny is great.

Chad Johnston

Brakeless pegless flatland?!? That's right! It's some of the most progressive stuff being done on bikes right now. It is essentially as crazy as the stuff Danny Macaskill is doing. A big part of his ability to do most of the tricks  is because the bike has a steeper head-tube and a shorter top tube. Enjoy. 

Chad Johnston - Welcome from S&M Bikes on Vimeo.

Danny Macaskill

I know you've all seen it, but here's the video anyway.

Austin TX riding

This video features Ruben Alcantara riding a bunch of spots down in Austin Texas. It is always a privilege to watch Ruben ride because he has the sweetest flow ever. There are so many nuances to his riding and anyone who has been on a variety of bikes can probably notice how much control he has. It is true mastery. Enjoy.

Ruben Alcantara: Estilo Fluido from etnies on Vimeo.