Hey! Another one!

Sorry, this one's not on any shirts yet. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks in advance.

'Productive Day Off' should be an oxymoron.

...But I am having one. Here's another shirt design. Use with critical mass rides and the Coop. Gas stations, Hummers (the 4-wheeled kind), and frequent drivers are contraindicated as violent reactions may occur between those wearing this shirt and occupants of said objects. Side effects may include, but not limited to: One-finger salutes, Disputes over public right-of-way ownership, general road laws, and a generally smug feeling of 'doing the right thing'. You're welcome.

Another Fine Design, More Wonderful Than You Can Believe.

A lot of you folks visiting this site regularly are avid cyclists and mountain bikers. And I'm sure that a lot of you (or yous, in my home dialect) also enjoy going out for a hike on a nice day. It is with this spirit of cooperatively enjoying our public lands that the latest BZNDesigns shirt is available, 'On the Same Side'. Wear it to forest management meetings, mountain bike races, out on the trail on a sunny Saturday, to Sierra Club events, anywhere! Spread the love.

New Shirts are Available!

After HOURS of design work I have finally been able to get some fun shirt designs on Cafepress. More designs are in the works, it just takes a bit of time to get everything set up. They are primarily bicycle related (duh), but if I get a good idea or 2 that aren't I might make 'em anyway. Designs will be fun, funny, and some will be quite irritating. So check in often, spend that student loan money, and buy some shirts. If anyone has any requests, feel free to let me know, as a one-off design can be done easily. Here's a peek:

Moab Trip Report

Moab report, finally!
Saturday morning, 7am. I started loading up SIzzle the Subaru for a hasty getaway after work. I managed to cram enough stuff in the car so that it looked like I was moving out, especially when Dirty Pete's bouldering crash pad topped off the back. No, I couldn't see out the back window. All that stuff for one person? Isn't that excessive? Maybe, but this was my vacation, dammit...and I aim to live large.
Sunday Morning, 10 am. Arrive in Moab. Sizzle performed flawlessly, giving me 28mpg in exchange for driving less than 70. Met C-note and B-wrecked at Poison Spider Cycles right on main street. They're a good shop- The Aquabats were playing on the shop stereo and we got the beta on the new "SuperSecretNobodyKnowsAboutIt" Sovereign Trail. Headed to the campsite (awesome) and got ready for a ride. We headed up the Salt Flats Recreation Area past the 2nd most scenic dump in the US and rode the Martian terrain of Slickrock. This was my first experience with this stuff- and it's amazing! It's nothing but undulating hills of 60-grit sandpaper! We found that traction ran out when the slope got to about 45 degrees. A good ride.
I will update this later.
I found this on the Fixie FAQs site across the pond. I like it, so I'm putting it here.


Today we had some fantastic weather. Ski purists may scoff, but the mid-40's and sunny conditions today are, in my eyes, a welcome precursor to the season to come. Roads were a bit wet, but tolerable. A touch of snow and ice on Canary Lane kept me paying attention to what I was doing instead of staring at the mountains. Beats riding rollers in the basement any day. Pictures here.

Regarding Liverdance, I've pretty much decided on not going. Reality stopped by late last night and reminded me of how I'm not going to want to leave Moab when I'm down there riding. Next race, I promise. There's a chance that I'll be back for Dirty Pete's St. Patty's day Pubride now.

It's about friggin' time!

It's been awhile. Sorry.
OK, now that that is out of the way, let's get to the business at hand. Riding. Fast. Drinking. Alleycat. Pubride. St. Patty's Day, conveniently located on a Saturday this year, is host to a veritable plethora of festivities that include both the noblest inventions: Bikes and Beer. Firstly, for sping break I am planning on traveling ten hours south to finally ride Moab. For sixteen years I've been an avid mountain biker, more for cycling in general, and I have yet to experience what Mormon-and-Mountain Bike influenced red rock has to offer. And considering that I am newly (as of July past) free, I decided that it has already been too long for me to not have traveled south on a pilgrimage to my Mecca. The narrative does not stop there, I have decided (pretty much so) that after riding in Moab for a few days, I will then speed (as fast as Sizzle the Subaru will allow) forthwith to Boise for yet another Warlocks Bike Club event: Liverdance 2. A St. Patty's Day alleycat in Boise at 3pm. The reason for me putting this down here is to inform the limited yet tight-knit Bozeman Fixed-Gear community of this celebration. If you can't make it to Moab the week previous, try to make it to Boise for the Alleycat, it will be well worth your effort.

And if you don't feel like it, Dirty Pete is putting on a Pubride in Bozeman.

That is all for now, don't expect any more until after I'm back.