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REDUNDANCY ALLEYCAT 2009 is an informal bicycle race presented to you by For those unaware, Alleycat races are regularly organized events often found in cities across North America, Europe and Asia with strong bicycle messenger cultures. As Bozeman has no messenger culture Alleycat races are instead frequented by the urban cyclist culture (yes, that means you too are also invited as well, hipsters).


To achieve SUCCESS at REDUNDANCY ALLEYCAT 2009 each cyclist will have visit a series of checkpoints. At each checkpoint the cyclist will either have to perform a task, acquire an object, or write down a keyword. In order to perform these tasks the following items are required (cyclists riding in teams need only carry one of the following not including lights).

  1. $5 entry fee
  2. bicycle
  3. messenger bag or backpack
  4. camera or camera phone
  5. writing utensil
  6. front and rear bicycle lights

In exchange for your five dollar entry fee each racer will be provided a manifesto (aka a list of checkpoints and tasks) as well as a spokecard.

At the end of the race the winner will be determined based on how quickly they completed the course as well how successfully they completed the tasks. Mad props will obviously be given to anyone attending in drag.


REDUNDANCY ALLEYCAT 2009 will be held Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at 7:00pm. It will be a LeMans start from the pavillion area of the park.


Questions? Contact info available for this event at


Via Chelsea from International Coffee Traders Coffee House:

A black Kona Blast. Singlespeed, Fenders, Maxxis Holy Rollers Tires, Disc Brakes.
Stolen from 13th and Koch.

Send email to casey AT bozemanbikekitchen DOT org with any information. Information leading to the return of the bike will be rewarded with a free tune-up from the Bzn Bike Kitchen.


Come Play Polo.

Ok, kids. Wednesday night Polo has been off-the-fucking-hook but it's starting to get dark too soon to get enough real games in. So we are adding Sunday afternoon games to the schedule. 4pm at the Bogert pavilion where hopefully we can play well into the fall, or at least until the hockey rink is put up. If Bogert is problematic we'll resume play at the Hawthorne school.

Also, SamH started a Bozeman page at the site, which has (thankfully) replaced MySpace as the international bike polo informaiton exchange. Go there, join, start some shit.

We've also got a local page dedicated to Bike Polo in Bozeman. John C put together a Ning site for us, and that's where the most current local Polo information is going to be. Go there. Now.

That's all for now.