Ahh...the start of something beautiful.
Tonight, after a couple ofyears of dreaming and a couple of months of sweet-talking I finally have, in my kitchen, a good and proper kegerator. The fridge, free. Kegs, procured cheaply. CO2 tank, regulator, and faucet, borrowed. RaceFace Turbine LP tap handle, well...good friends forgive.
I now have an IPA in the keg, intended to be a moderately strong (6%) and hoppy beer. However, I made two changes from my normal fermentation routine. I lent out my normal 6gal primary and had to use a 5gal with a blowoff hose. No big deal. I then left the carboy in the kitchen instead of the basement, subjecting the beer to 20 degree temp. swings throughout the day. Anyway, the result is a sweet, viscous, incompletely fermented beer that falls well under the legal limit in Utah. Damn. At least it will make a good breakfast beer.

Next week- Billings

A little something in my email inbox this morning:
Pilgrim Pillage 2007 Bicycle Race
November 17th 5p.m. North Park . Alleycat style open road race . Fixed gears, Single speeds, and Cruisers highly encouraged. To enter simply show up with $5 and 3 cans of non-perishable food. For more info please email billingsironcan@yahoo.com Hope to see you there."

Again, I'll try to get off of work early so I can make it. Who else wants to go?

In other news, Captain Entropy's last alleycat brought the most participants we have yet had, with something like 35-40 showing up to throw down. Dallas, Other Seth, and I made a pact to have a shot at every bar we entered. This meant shots of JD at the Hideaway followed by more shots at Plonk. I think the heat of the competition and the self-induced fuzziness from the Jack (and the two pints of Tetley's Ale before the race) kind of altered my decision-making processes:

Steve at Plonk: " Hey John, what can I get for ya?
me: "uhhhhhh......uhhhhh.........ThreeShotsAPatronWe'reInARaceblahblahblah....."

Pricey, but well worth it. And I made sure to take the extra moment to savor that fine nectar, race be damned!

Plans were made to also stop at Ale Works and Bozone Brewery. I was relieved to learn they were closed.

Anyway, the race went smoothly (aside from Mason's riddles and momentary confusion between east and west), nobody got hit by a car, a couple of guys showed up from Billings, and C-Note won. I forgot who won the Women's race. Sorry. Big props to Steve and Katie for racing on the vintage Scwhinn Tandem and to Ryan for racing in the, uh, phallic costume.

I think that's going to be it with the Alleycats until spring, unless this summer weather sticks around for a bit.
BUT that does not mean the bicycle hijinks are going to stop. Plan on pub rides and Ice derbies and crits this winter. Bike Polo is still happening, now at the Basketball Court on campus by 11th and College. Wednesdays at 7:30.

Big thanks:
Steve at Plonk- Go there, this guy has done a lot for our races and pub rides. And not all their stuff is highfalutin either. They've got plenty of $3 beers, you dirtbags.

Stan Smith with Team Native- not only did he race on a purty Salsa cross bike, he also supplied the bulk of the prizes.

Ryan at Rockford Coffee- Rockford has been supporting the general cycling and racing scene in Bozeman for about the whole time they've been around here. Don't forget to watch the Giro and Tour de France live there on the big tv.

And thanks to everyone who showed up- you're helping the illicit cycling community grow in this town.

The Bozeman Fix Presents......

Yet Another Alley Cat is here. Sunday November 4th 3pm @ Cooper Park. Bring $5, A bike and a bag. Be prepared to bring your A game, or B game, or really what ever game you got. All bikes are welcome; cruisers, fixies, tall bikes, mini bikes.