Down the hill

This is a little clip of me descending the Mt. Hood access road. Awesome climb but an even better descent. I did this ride up and down fixed once...I don't remember any part of that being fun. Kind of a do it just to do it sort of thing. Anyways, here ya go!

woodgrain bikes

This is a cool video.

Process: Woodgrain Bike Frames from Etsy on Vimeo.

How to open a bottle of beer.

Since I know you cats are all lacking in beer-bottle opening techniques, here's one of the better ones I've ever seen. My friend Teresa of Mountain Biking Girl fame would like to show you n00bz how it's done.

How to open a bottle of beer with a bike! from Teresa on Vimeo.

$200.00 REWARD for the return of a stolen Xtracycle

A $200.00 reward is being offered for the return of an Xtracycle stolen from a residence in North-East Bozeman.

You can find details at this Craigslist post.


Bike Rafting Rules!

This video is totally inspirational and makes me feel like I need to get on my bike and do some real exploring. Enjoy.

Bikerafting Alaska's Lost Coast: Yakutat to Glacier Bay. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

KSR 2011

these are kinda late but here are some photos from the 2011 Killington Stage Race that my friend Galen and I raced in May.

Ended up rounding out the top 10 in the GC with two 7th place finishes on Stage 1 and Stage 3.

Bike Polo Tomorrow!

There is a Bozeman Hardcourt Bike Polo match scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, July 13th starting at 7:00 PM.  We'll be gathering to play at a new space provided us by the good folks at Mystery Ranch.  This is a bit of a haul to get to but it's private property so we won't get hassled and could be a good location for long term play.  

Mystery Ranch is located at 1750 Evergreen Drive.  To get there from town take either Rouse North, then left on Griffin, then left on Evergreen.  Or take 7th Ave North, then right on Griffin, then right on Evergreen.  If you're into adventure there is also a dirt road to the left off Rouse (just past I-90 next to the railroad tracks) that leads you there via the super-secret entrance.  
If you're new to bike polo don't be afraid - - come join us - - we're a bunch of outgoing, friendly people who will happily lend you a bicycle, mallet, and give you whatever sort of hand-holding you might need to learn how to play.  We'll be certain to play some beginner games where we focus on people learning the sport rather than winning.  Things to consider bringing if you have them are a bicycle that can get beat up (don't worry, we'll have some to lend out if you only have a nice bike), a helmet, closed-toe shoes, long pants, long shirt, and good vibes.  If you're a little afraid to come join some new people, consider bringing a friend.  We really, really, really want to get some good turnouts of people to play polo this year.  Join us!

See you Tomorrow,
The Bozeman Fix

Lost! Found! Look out!

A friend of mine was hit this morning by a white (2007?) Honda Cr-V. The driver, an older woman with white hair and glasses rolled through a stop sign and bumped into her, then proceeded to scold her for being on a bicycle in the road. She is alright, but this serves as an important reminder to all road users. If you see a driver behaving aggressively towards cyclist or breaking traffic laws, get plate numbers. Call the Bozeman police and share this information. By doing this you can make our roads safer for cyclists, pedestrians and responsible motorists alike. Also, be wary of Honda Cr-Vs piloted by grumpy old women.

In other news, a pair of sunglasses were left at Lindley park last Wednesday after the race. Get in touch with me if they are yours.

America! Alleycat!!

Wednesday, July 6th, At 7pm
Meet at the climbing boulder by Kagy.
Bring $5, a camera/phone/camera phone, and a fire starting device.
Rad prizes! Explosions! Beautiful women*!

*probably the same bunch of dudes

Liquid Cargo Shenanigans

The RecycleCycle was recently put to the test and passed with flying colors when used to transport a keg of beer still 2/3rds full all the way across town.