Carrying Skis on a Bicycle

Peter from Genuine Guide Gear aka G3 posted the above photo along with his blog post entitled, "My Touring Setup 2011".  Way to get after it sustainably, Peter. 

Happy Holidays...or whatever.

Peep Game!
Im in NY and my friends and I are making the second installment of Upstate NY: A Christmas Tale. This year it's coming to you in 3 episodes. Here is episode I : The Dance. Enjoy, keep it real.

P.S. Yeah, Sam...there's no powder in NY soooorrry. ha lolz

Solstice Bike race. The movie,

The solstice bike race movie is in. Fresh from the cutting room floor.

Winter Solstice Alleycat

The December solstice, or winter solstice will occur on December 21, 2010 in the northern hemisphere. This year a full moon will also coincide with the solstice making it not only the shortest day of 2010 in terms of sunlight, but it will also mean a well-lighted evening.  You know what that means?  Damn straight - - perfect bicycling conditions.

Bicycling fools are invited to participate in what may very well be the first winter alleycat race held in Bozeman. It will be a short (ish?) race focusing on expressing t3h loves for winter riding, the camaraderie of fellow, hardcore cyclists, and a general gettin-er-done-ness sorta atmosphere.

Date: Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
Time: 6:30pm (race to start 'round 7:00)
Start: Bozeman Bike Kitchen (425 E Aspen aka just East of the Meat Shoppe)
What: An alleycat is a scavenger hunt-style bicycle race.  Bring lights, a messenger bag and an open mind.  If you're afraid, come anyway - we'll find someone to ride with you.  If you like bikes and ride 'em in winter, it's guaranteed you'll get along with anyone who attends this wildly stupid event.

Awesome bike!

Dave Voelker

Dave Fucking Voelker ca. 1988
Photo by Andrew Hutchison

Bozeman Girl Run Off Road by Driver

Yesterday, a Bozeman youth bicyclist was run off the road by a midsized gray vehicle. She was riding her bicycle along Kagy and a car behind her honked multiple times, pulled up beside her, proceeded to swerve at her, causing her to be knocked off her bike and onto the curb.  She escaped the incident without injury but as the vehicle sped off she was unable to make out the license plate or model of the vehicle. 

Bozeman residents are asked to be mindful of a gray, midsized vehicle acting aggressively or dangerously towards you.  If you witness any atrocious behavior such as this, please record the license plate number or any identifying marks and report it to the police. Hit and run incidents are terrifying.  For those who have the nerve to deliberately swerve into a small girl riding within the legal bounds of city and state ordinances a lesson needs to be taught. 

What can you do as a cycle commuter?  Keep in mind that there are a good number of people on the roads who don't know how to drive when the roads are in good shape - let alone when they are icy.  Be defensive, be cooperative, be predictable.  This will help with the friendly, law-abiding automobiles we share the road with.  However, if you encounter a "problem child" and you get hit, yelled at, spit on, or generally harassed, don't take the law into your own hands - it will only get you in trouble and set-back a cause we are working hard to justify.  Call 911 and get the police involved. 

Always watch your back, and always keep riding.

Winter Trail Riding #RideThruWinter

Bavarian Snow Trails from Big Col on Vimeo.

Night, Winter, Freeride? Fuck Yes!

Munich Lupine from Big Col on Vimeo.

Lost Stolen Bicycle Alert - Blue Peugot Fixed Gear

Kids, don't use alcohol.  It makes you VERY forgetful. It may also cause you to grow a hippie beard and raise goats for milk on a farm outside of town where you sometimes need to get a ride to when you're drunk, causing you to leave your bicycle someplace and think it's stolen.

Lost Stolen from the Emerson Cultural Center on MSU Campus in Bozeman, Montana on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Brand: Peugeot
Model: fixed gear
Color: powder blue with orange stripes
Wheels: 700c deep v
Handlebars: bullhorns (one black, one blue)
Saddle: black and grey

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this bicycle please contact the webmaster there's no need to tell us because the bicycle has been found.

Yes, this is a commercial for XTR.

This is a promotional piece for Shimano XTR, we don't endorse any component manufacturer in particular. This is also some awesomeness shot by Anthill Films, it makes me want to ride my bike.

The Story of XTR - Episode 6 from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

3rd Annual #ThnksCranks Thanksgiving Ride

Thanksgiving is when Americans get more excessive than ever.  We eat too much, drink too much, sit around too much, and get fat too much.  What better a way to start a day of such epic lazy-pathetic-meh-ness than by going out for a bike ride.  And what better a way than to do it when it happens to be eight degrees farenheit out?  Check out the Bike Bliss blog for a nice lil' write-up about cyclists coming together and not racing each other at Bike Bliss - Thanksgiving Ride

#ThnksCrnks 2010
All photos © BikeBlissChick

L to R @singletrackm1nd, @tymorrisonheath, @captaine, and @sharalds


Sayonara Jon, Lauren, and Gorgotron

Jon W., Lauren C., and Gordie Elizabeth Howe are moving away from Bozeman.  Graduate school and teaching opportunities call and The Bozeman Fix would like to wish them the best.  If you're friends with these folks get 'hold of us and we'll tell you where and when the going away shindig is. 

Gordon Elizabeth Howe before his audition for the film "Somebody Call a Doctor"

Top 10 [Hilarious] Winter Riding Tips

The following article is a re-post from

Reed’s Top 10 Winter Riding Tips

These tips are from 1999, but are still as irreverant as they were last century. From a former employee of Quality Bicycle Products who currently works for HED Wheels.  New for ‘1999!

10. Use a bike that has a fork on it.
9. Always put some air in your tires, but not too much.
8. Always look where you’re going, except when looking behind you.
7. Tequila looks like St. Paul tap water, but doesn’t freeze!
6. Dress in layers… of clothing, ketchup and mustard or shaving cream are too slippery.
5. GET ON THE SIDEWALK! GET A CAR!! (oops, those are OTHER PEOPLE’s suggestions)
4. Plan ahead. its too hard to plan backwards.
3. Make sure that when seated comfortably on your bike, that it’s rubber side is down.
2. Color Anodized parts reflect fewer bands of light than silver, so they stay warmer.
1. Never ignore a liquor store.

Oh -3 degrees!

Yes yes, it's -3 degrees out and my bike like myself is saying what the F*%k.

Put your studs and fenders on and don't forget the neoprene socks. And all the hardcore winter commuters in Bozeman will say "At least it isn't -10 out. It could be worse."

And I agree that it could be worse. But that doesn't mean that I don't long for summer, to be bombing around town as fast as my legs can crank and racing the cars down main street and winning.

Anyway, don't get me wrong. The powder turns are great! But I can't walk out my front door and get them. It's not the same simple satisfaction that I can get from my bikes.

If you're missing summer like myself, this video may help.

T-1 "We Love Colorado" 2010 from joe rich on Vimeo.

That's Right Kids!!! Danny dropped a new edit!!!!

Yeah... I don't know what to do with it either. I'm on my 20th viewing and I'm still saying "Wh*t the F#$k" out loud as I'm watching it.

I mean what do you do when you are that good at riding bikes? It has to get boring at times, right? Oh wait... you learn how to do tail tap to front flips off of 15 foot walls. "WTF!"

Note how Danny looks disgusted as he chokes down that red bull. He is clearly the zen master of trials with a bmx street riding edge to him. I think he has his fill of adrenaline and creative outlets. So he probably doesn't need red bull to get him through the day. But whatever keeps this dude riding a bike is cool with me.

Cash those checks Danny and keep killing it!

Would you even WANT to take them home?

Uhhh, yeah... but would you even want to take someone home who required being driven in a car?

You're welcome

Photo courtesy of Klamath Falls

Montana State Bicycle Law.

Here's a link to MT state law pertaining to bicycling. I personally like to keep this handy.

This is the most important part (in my opinion).

(2) A person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable except when:
     (a) overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction;
     (b) preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway; or
     (c) necessary to avoid a condition that makes it unsafe to continue along the right side of the roadway, including but not limited to a fixed or moving object, parked or moving vehicle, pedestrian, animal, surface hazard, or a lane that is too narrow for a bicycle and another vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane.

Martin Joel Erzinger hit a cyclist with his car, and ran.

An investment banker hit a cyclist, and fled. He was latter later apprehended, and charged. The Judge in the case, feels he shouldn't be charged with a felony, because it might adversely affect this asshat's earning potential.

You can sign a petition regarding this bullshit if you go here.

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

If I ever find myself in Aspen CO, I might look Martin Joel Erzinger up and have a little conversation with him about the value of a Mercedes mirror vs a human life.

Drink Beer. Ride Bikes. Go Fuck Yourself

Yeh, that's right. Now go ride your bike, Bitch.

Ironclad Performance Wear Cycling Team: A Summer Behind Bars  [TEASER] from Will Walle on Vimeo.

(H/T to Evil Cycling for posting this trailer where I could find it, and pass it on)

Cyclocross Beer Hand Down

Montana-love on the Evil Cycling blog.  Photo by Reuben.

Mulecross Cyclocross 2010

Bozeman's Team Muleterro threw down a superb cyclocross event for the second year in a row October 30th, 2010.  Mulecross 2010 was a well-run event on a well-designed course.  This wasn't a boring European course but rather a stellar mix of traditional 'cross elements and some creative obstacles like the "Mule Pie", "The Blender", and a pump-track section.  

The Bozeman Fix shenanigans crew was on hand to catch the event on video and a couple of us even (*gasp*) rode bikes in the event.  Taylor and samh got jiggy on cargo bikes, Jon Dub pedaled his single speed 'til he puked, and "Not Andrew" got "Not Clothed". 

Mulecross Cyclocross 2010 from samh on Vimeo.


ANTHEM II trailer from Stew Johnson on Vimeo.

Tomorrow - BEWARE! Alleycat Race

Friday, October 29th, 2010 7:00pm

Come to The Filling Station (2005 N Rouse) on Friday at 7:00pm and meet inside or out (all ages welcome to: Ride bikes!  Ride bikes!  Ride bikes!  Be it rain or merely darkness of night, come to Bozeman's Halloween Alleycat Bicycle race.

What to bring:
  1. A bicycle
  2. Bicycle lights
  3. Writing utensil
  4. Costume (highly recommended aka potential death to non-participants)
  5. Picture taking device (camera/phone/if you don't have one use your writing utensil)
  6. $5 (entry fee to cover costs and all extra goes into prize pool)

What to expect:
  1. Awesomesauce
  2. Prizes
  3. A spokecard 
  4. More awesomesauce*

*Guest appearance by @singletrackm1nd as he pays homage to Cher by performing scenes from her film, "Tea with Mussolini".

Worth watching!

This guy is super creative.

Tim Knoll BMX from tim knoll on Vimeo.

Tech Talk with Casey Schlenker - Shimano Alfine Dynamo Hub

Tony Hamil is redonk!

This edit is totally redonkulous! Every trick should be in slow motion, but isn't for some dumb reason. Probably couldn't find the right music to slow it down.

Anyway enjoy it. It probably deserves a second look.

Tony Hamlin Kink Puffins Edit from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

The Fixie Sixty (2) Race Video

The Fixie Sixty (2) race went off on September 25th, 2010 with beautiful weather, a quality turnout, and a trying course, all followed up with a couple pints of good beer.  Racers Sam and Ned carried video cameras and captured some footage of the race.  Check out the 4:15 piece edited and posted by Sam.

Fixie Sixty (2) on Vimeo.

Race Results:
  1. Andrew 
  2. Josh 
  3. Sam 
  4. Ned 
  5. Mike 
  6. Ben 
  7. Justin 
  8. Alice 
  9. Reuben (DNF)
  10. Brian (DNF)
Race Sign-Up Sheet

 Less Gears More Beers

Beware! Alleycat

Friday: 10:29:10 7:00PM The Filling Station, 2005 N Rouse (Inside or out)

Ride bikes!

Be it rain or merely darkness of night, come to Bozeman's Halloween Alleycat Bicycle race.

What to bring:
1a: Lights
1b: A bicycle
2: Writing utensil
3: Costume (highly recommended)
4: Picture taking device (camera/phone/if you don't have one use your writing utensil)
5: $5 (entry fee to cover costs and all extra goes into prize pool)

What to expect:

1: Awesomesauce and Prizes! (even a Spokecard =0)


Oh Noes! There will be an Alleycat Bicycle Race Friday, October 29th, 7:00PM

Expect awesomesauce!

Meeting location and more information to follow . . .

Bicycle Messengers - Now with more Hilarity

Nebraska Supersonic is an full-length indie comedy by filmmaker Jeremy Lerman.  Think Clerks but with bicycles.  Bong hits, nudity, bicycles, shenanigans.   Thanks to Urban Velo for pointing this out. 

This cyclist is hauling [recycling], but the real payload is smugness

The Xtra-Ty-cle

Long intro. pretty gangsta. But it's the cutting edge of street riding today.

Trip Interbike remix from Ty Morrow on Vimeo.

Fixie Sixty (2) Route Map

Readers of The Bozeman Fix blog are privy to a little pre-race beta for this weekend's Fixie Sixty (2) race. Below is a map, elevation profile, and statistical breakdown of the race course. Also available is an interactive version viewable as a Google map.

The race will follow a closed format meaning that riders will be expected to ride the route as mapped below.  In order to limit shortcuts there will be a series of stops and/or tasks along the way. 

The race will begin after everyone has had a chance to congregate, drink coffee, and visit on Saturday morning.  Please bring a coffee mug to avoid using a paper cup.  We'll have a place to stash them along with a change of clothing for you while you're out racing.  We look forward to seeing and riding with you come Saturday morning!

Fixie Sixty (2) Fixed Gear Bicycle Race
9:30am, Saturday, September 25th, 2010
Rockford Coffee; Bozeman, Montana

For a more detailed look at the course view the interactive Google mapping of the race route.

Course Elevation Profile

Course Details

Bozeman Alleycat Race - Fri. Sept. 17th, 2010

Friday, September 17th, 2010, 6:00pm
Race starts in alley behind Plonk
Bring $3

Rad prizes.

(+) Bike (-) Discretion

The Fixie Sixty (2)

The Fixie Sixty was first held in October 2008 with an excellent showing of Bozeman cyclists turning out for a sixty mile course around the Gallatin Valley.  With the fall season fast approaching it's time to hit the streets, highways, and dirt roads once again for the Fixie Sixty (2).  

2008 Fixie Sixty participants

This year's course will be sixty (two) miles long and will weave throughout the beautiful roads and paths of the Gallatin Valley.  This may include some light dirt riding but will be primarily asphalt.  As the name implies, the race will be open to fixed gear bicycles only. This is a closed-manifest alleycat race, meaning that the course will be mostly pre-determined and racers will be required to follow said course stopping and various checkpoints along the way. 
  • Date: Saturday, September 25th, 2010
  • Start: Rockford Coffee in Bozeman (628 W. Main)
  • Time: Meet at 9:30 a.m with race to start around 10:00.
  • Cost: Bring $5 to cover winning prize and various other haberdashery.
  • Weather: If weather is bad, meet at 9:30 a.m. and participants can decide to race or postpone until Sun. Sept. 26th.

Life Cycles Trailer

You're welcome.

So Long and Thanks For All the Rides

Yup, the time has come for me to move on. After nine years in Bozeman I have accepted the fact that despite the natural beauty here in Montana and the great friendships I'm part of and the amount I've been able to help with the cycling community here I need to move on. I've realized that for as much as I love this state there is limited opportunity available to me.

So what happened? In the space of three weeks I've gone from being “John at Bangtail Bikes” to “John at Specialized”. It's all very sudden and I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the amount of change in my life in such a short period of time. An opportunity came (partly from being part of the Stumpjumper Trail Crew) that would not be available to me if I stayed in Bozeman. With Specialized I will be doing a lot of what I have been doing here- working to get others on bikes, promoting bike culture, doing geeky bike stuff- but hopefully it will be on a larger scale.

I'll be part of Specialized's dealer education network. This pretty much is a position that is nearly custom-made for me. I'll be able to use my engineering background, I'll talk in front of people, do a bit of design work and write some. I'll be helping to teach bike dealers from around the country about Specialized product and help with media events and product launches. For the more skeptical of you out there, you can say that I'll be serving the Kool-Aid. And I'm okay with that. The people I've met at Specialized do not embody the stereotypical “Company Man”, rather they are people who are intensely passionate about bicycles and also happen to be quite competitive. They are people who believe that what they create is the best and have an intense drive to always be the best. This passion and drive is part of what is exciting about this new endeavor.

Perhaps fitting with this culture I start next week with a trip to Portugal. For a week I'll be meeting the European Specialized contingent and hopefully get out for a few good rides. Upon returning to Bozeman I'll pack my belongings in my trusty Honda Accord and head west to fulfill my personal Manifest Destiny. The future for me is scary and exciting, fraught with danger yet with rewards that can only come from taking a measured risk like this.

Bozeman, I'm thankful of the time I've spent here. You've invited me into your houses for parties, on your porches for beers, on glorious rides in your mountains. I've experienced the best skiing and snowboarding around and you even taught me that floppy heels on ski boots are fun. I've watched both your riding skills and your families grow. You've shared with me the sweetest and most succulent meat you've harvested from the wild. You've taught me that the things most valuable in life are within one's community and that there's no shame in driving a tattered twenty year-old Subaru. After your generosity I feel a bit guilty leaving for personal reasons but this is a mission that I must complete. I'll be back, I will have changed, but one thing I can say for sure is that I will always, always take with me a bit of Montana no matter where I end up.

Thanks for the good times and the memories, Bozeman. I'll always look at this chapter of my life with fondness.

John (aka Mr. DNA)

The Fixie Sixty (2)

Bozeman. Raise your glasses. Tip your hats

John Friedrich is leaving Bozeman to start his new job with Specialized Bicycles. We here at The Bozeman Fix are going to miss him. Shit, he started this blog, if you read it, you are going to miss him too.

Mr. Friedrich has been an integral part of the Bozeman Bicycle scene for the past decade. He is responsible for singlehandedly facilitating an alleycat scene in Bozeman, and Bozeman Bike Polo, and Bozeman's too-short-lived GoldSprint series, as well as being an integral member of The Dirt Concern, and actively advocating for The Montana Mountain Bike Alliance. He is also one of the finest bike mechanics Bozeman has.

We could go on and on listing John's bicycle bona fides, but the fact remains, that while we are happy for him, we are losing a very good friend.

Enjoy Northern California John! The Bozeman bike geeks raise their glasses and tip their hats to you.


Congratulations Reuben and Alice!! We love you!

This is how The Bozeman Fix crowd celebrates the wedding of two of our own. We wish Reuben and Alice all the happiness in the world. We love you both so much. Blessings on your union. Keep riding together!

Photo: John Friedrich

Give 'Er, Captain E

Captain E pwns it on a freak bike.

Stolen Bike

We have been alerted to another stolen bike in Bozeman. It is a sea-foam green cruiser with ape-hanger handle-bars, and a black banana seat.

Email casey [AT] bozemanbikekitchen [DOT] org if you have any details about this bike. Or call the Bozeman PD, the owner says he reported it stolen.

Keep yer eyes peeled.

Bozeman Hardcourt Bike Polo

Our usual polo location, Hawthorne School is under construction and a new court has been discovered by a small crew of trepidatious polo warriors.  A well lighted, underground location with the potential for winter play has been sourced in the basement of the NEW Bozeman parking garage.  It's small and there are some barriers but I think it will suffice in the interim.

Here is a completely unrelated photo of a man in a hotdog hat.

Bozeman Magpie Features "Back to School" Alleycat

A new alternative-press-ezine-blog-newspaper sorta thingy called the Bozeman Magpie sprung up into the ethers recently and has been covering everything from summer ski sessions to the best of Bozeman.  Today they posted a story of some of our own here at The Fix with a story about the Back to School Alleycat race held recently.

The folks at the Magpie have a thing for prose and the photography ain't bad either so quit reading this dirtbag blog and go edjumacate yourself and read their article about the Bozeman Alleycat Races 

 Photo by John Parker (stolen with complete and utter disregard for copyright)

Check this out you bike geeks!

I've resisted posting so many videos so as not to push the Alley Cat post down the blog. But this one is too interesting not to post.

It's been 5 years in development, but the cobra tube is now out there on the market. It's another testament to how lazy the BMX world is, but how that pushes it to be stronger and simpler.

I can't wait for the fixters to catch onto this one (in another three years).

The cobra tube from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Bozeman Alleycat Race - Monday July 26th

A new organizer has stepped up to the plate and has another alley cat race planned in Bozeman. Monday, July 26th at 7:00pm cyclists should come prepared with a writing utensil, messenger bag or backpack, and be ready to ride.

The starting point for the race will be the Gallatin Valley court house parking lot (just north of Wilson school) on the north side of the building.

Special Bike Polo Game - Monday, July 12th, 7pm

The Bozeman Hardcourt Bike Polo players will have visitors from both the East Van Polo club (British Columbia) as well as the Billings Hammer & Cycle Bike Polo club at 7:00pm on Monday, July 12th. Come down and play some polo with us at Hawthorne School (corner of Rouse and Mendenhall), meet some new folks, and do what we do best - - ride bikes!

June Alleycat Race Series - Results

The June Alleycat Race Series went off wonderfully with over two-dozen participants spread over four races every Monday in June.  Each race was promoted by a different individual and therefore each race had a unique set of creative manifests, stops, ideas, and tricks. 

Results for the Bozeman June Alleycat Race Series, 2010

ps - For those who were present when the race results were announced after the fourth race you'll note some differences from what was announced and what is in the chart above. I attest that to my inability to do math in the field. My apologies.

June Alleycat Race Series - Round 4

Come bicycle race with a bunch of friendly boys and girls because it's "Time to Learn a Lesson".

Bring:  a bag, a writing utensil, and a bicycle (a tandem or unicycle would be cool too)
What: Bozeman June Alleycat Race Series - Round 4
When: Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 7:00pm
Where: Meet at International Coffee Traders (map) at 7:00 pm


Four Little Fixies

@captaine said, "Employee parking. Four little fixies all in a row. #bike #bozeman #fb"

June Alleycat Race Series - Round 3

Bring the following: 
  1. a bag
  2. pen and paper
  3. a thinkin' cap
The Low Down:
What: Round Three of the Bozeman June Alleycat Race Series 
When: Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 7:00pm
Where: Meet at the dumpsters behind Hastings (map) at 7:00 pm

This video looks like it was awesome to make.

June Alleycat Series - Round 2

Monday, June 14th, 7pm
Meet in the underground parking lot next to Sacks.

June Alleycat Race Series. Race # 1. Monday June 7th.

Meet atop the downtown parking garage at 7:00pm. Give $5 dollars to the man in the straw cowboy hat and you will receive your open manifest. Race starts promptly...ish at 7:15.

June Alleycat Series featured at Urban Velo

The Urban Velo blog featured our Bozeman June Alleycat Series today. 

See the Bozeman Montana Alleycat Series at the Urban Velo blog.

June Alleycat Series

June Alleycat Series

Bozeman cyclists, prepare your legs and lungs for a series of short alleycat bicycle races to be held once every week in the month of June, 2010.  Four organizers, four races, for awesomesauce. 

The first race in the series will be held Monday, June 7th, 7:00pm.  Meet atop the downtown parking garage, attain a manifest from the man in the straw cowboy hat, and then immediately proceed to ride your bicycle like hell.  

Information about the following week's alleycat will be posted to The Bozeman Fix blog prior to the event so stay tuned, and tell your friends, enemies, and mothers. 

Bike to Work Week and Bozeman Bike Kitchen ReCYCLE drive

Bozeman is celebrating Bike to Work Week in typical Bozeman style, with many of our beloved small businesses sponsoring B2WW stops. To kick off B2WW, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is having a ReCYCLE DRIVE on Saturday May 15th from 10am to 2pm.

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is a community cycling cooperative dedicated to making practical cycling accessible to members of the Bozeman community by providing shop space and mechanical support to the Bozeman area on a donation/volunteer basis. They also provide donated bicycles to individuals in need as identified by local charitable organizations such as The Gallatin Valley Food Bank and the Bozeman Human Resources Development Council.

If you have an old, unused, but quality bicycle laying around that could be a serviceable means of transportation for a member of the community, you can donate it to the BBK, and they will re-purpose it and allocate it to one in need of a cost effective, sustainable means of getting around.

In addition to the ReCYCLE Drive, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is also hosting a B2WW stop, along with Bangtail Bike and Ski and International Coffee Traders.

Like bikes? Like riding bikes? Ride your bike to work, and celebrate next week by telling all of your friends to do the same.

Get the Bike Love and Live the Bike Life.

Reverend Phil needs YOUR help!

Ok, kids. If this is gonna happen it needs to happen fast.
I got a call and an email this weekend in response to an email I sent to him a year an a half ago. The subject? Bike porn. And no, not bike porn like guys hucking cliffs and fixie guys skidding past trolleys. This is about bikes. And porn. Beautiful bikes and beautiful riders. And naughty bits. Smut.
Reverend Phil from Portland will be coming through Bozeman the weekend at the end of Bike Week (perfect timing) with all the ingredients to put on a shocking, titillating show. All he needs is a venue. I'm not going to be here this weekend and I'm helping out with The Dirt Concern's showing of Follow Me, so I really can't help in the manner that's needed. Can anyone else in Bozeman do it? Do you know someone who knows someone? Try. Hard.


My friend Reverend Phil will be coming through Bozeman on May 24th,
and he's looking for a place to screen Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound, a
collaborative erotic bicycle film project out of Portland, Oregon.
I'm sure you're the kind of go-getters who have a million things on
the go at once, but if you're feeling sassy and zany and willing to
put together a screening very soon, I'd kiss your feet.

More info!

Bike Porn. It is exactly what it sounds like: Bikes + Porn. Some of
it is erotic, some of it is playful, some of it is straight-up
fucking, and all of it is delightfully dissenting and titillating for
bike lovers of all desires, identities, and bodies. The thought of
having Bike Porn tour through one of Montana's most badass bike-loving
cities without stopping for a screening is kind of heartbreaking and
distressing. May 24th is soon, I know, but its totally possible. Can
you help us? Will you?

Here's a little more info to inspire you!...

Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound is the newest collaborative film project put
together by Rev. Phil Sano of Portland, Oregon. It is a collection of
short erotic films made by inspired cyclists from across the US and
Canada. It is creative, clever, funny, and aware!

For the past three years they have toiled to bring progressive ideas
about sexuality and transportation forward. These days just about
anyone can make a movie, but actually getting it shown in front of an
audience is much more difficult. We take those strong, independent
voices and give them a platform to share their ideas about the
connections between sex and bicycling.

Here's how one of our interns put it:

Bike Porn is civic

"Current political policies are designed to repress sexual expression
and transportation choice. The Bike Porn film festival challenges that
trend by enthusiastically displaying the quality of creative
expression and the amount of fun inherent to both bicycling and sex.
Both activities are worthy elements of a healthy lifestyle and a
pleasant quality of life." - Jeffrey Jacobson

Starting in February 2010, the Backlash Tour is taking us more than
10,000 miles to visit some 60 cities across the USA and Canada in 100
days. It is quite a challenge, but since we don't sell DVDs this is
the only way to share the movies while keeping the filmmakers'

The thoughtful pacing of the program and live performances draw people
in at the beginning and get the audience on their feet when it is
done. It is quite an exhilarating experience.

What we are talking about is an LBGTQ and hetero-friendly program of
progressive bike sexuality. Yes, it really is that amazing.

Our host Lauren Warbeck of Victoria BC had this to say:

"Speaking from experience (I've played a part in hosting the past two
bike porn screenings here in Victoria), I can say that it introduced
something new and transformative into our bike community, and really
brought people together. Since that first screening, members of our
community have created a number of films that are now included in the
collaboration, and its spurred a huge amount of bike filmmaking in
general as well. Organizing a screening takes some work, but not much.
And its worth the rewards for yourself and your bike community ten
times over."

So if you think you can help us organize a screening in Bozemen let's do it!

Email me with any comments, questions, or inspired rants. i've
attached a little "How-To Organize a Bike Porn Screening" to give you
some idea of what you'll need to do

reverend phil
is on the backlash tour
50 cities, 10,000 miles, 100 days

Official Hardcourt Bike Polo Rules Determined

An organization known as the League of Bike Polo was formed over the past year and is becoming the defacto legislating body of Hardcourt Bike Polo. Recently an official set of rules was published and I agree with some of them but prefer our Bozeman-specific rules to others. What are everyone's thoughts?

North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Rules
1 - Teams will consist of three players on the court at one time.
    1.1 - You may have substitutes as long as they are not playing on another team in the tournament.
    1.2 - A substitute may only be made during a break after a goal is scored.
    1.3 - All players on a team will wear distinctive matching colors.
    1.4 - If in the opinion of the referee the colours of the two competing teams are so alike as to lead to confusion, the team lower in the draw shall be instructed to play in some other colour. 
2 - Any common type of Bicycle is allowed. (bmx, road, track, mountain bike)
    2.1 - Must have at least one mechanism for stopping. (ie: handbrake, fixed wheel)
    2.2 - Handlebars MUST be plugged. 
    2.3 - No exposed chainrings, pegs, or other protrusions. These must be covered or removed if they present a safety hazard.
    2.4 - You may not add anything to the bicycle to help block shots (ie: a bar under your BB, or netting in the front triangle) with the exception of wheel covers.
    2.5 - Helmets are mandatory.
3 - Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side & round end. (Modified ski poles, and plastic pipe are the most common materials.)
    3.1 - The head of the mallet will be a maximum of 18 cm (7 inches) in length and 2.5 inches in Diameter (outside diameter) .
    3.2 - The Head of the mallet must not have any sharp edges.
    3.3 - The handle end of the mallet MUST be plugged.
4 - The ball will be a street hockey ball.
    4.1 - The ball will not be a liquid filled ball
5 - The Goals will be nets.
    5.1 - The opening of the net will be 180 cm (72") and the height will be 80 cm (32 inches) (measured between the inside edges of the posts.)
6 - Courts will be of a hard surface. (usually concrete or pavement)
    6.1 - Boards of at least 40 cm (16 inches) in height must surround the court to keep the ball in play.
    6.2 - The minimum court size will be 30.5m X 15.25m (100' X 50') (Tennis court or basketball court) and maximum size will be 60m X 26m (200' X 85') (NHL rink)
    6.3 - There will be a minimum of 3 meters (10 feet) between the goal line and the back boards.
General Rules of Play
7 - Start of a game:
    7.1 - Each team will begin behind his/her own goal line.
    7.2 - The ball will be positioned at center court.
    7.3 - Play will begin with a "3 - 2 - 1 - Go" from the sideline.
8 - Scoring a goal must be made with what started as a "shot"
    8.1 - a "shot" is defined as a ball that is struck with the end of the players mallet. wrist shots, or scoop shots are not considered a "shot"
    8.2 - "Ball dragging" is allowed, however the ball must be passed before a goal can be scored.
    8.2 - a "shuffle" is defined as a ball that is striked with the side of the mallet.
    8.3 - a ball that is "shuffled" into the goal does not count as a goal. 
    8.4 - if a ball is "shuffled" into the goal the defending team will get possession of the ball. 
    8.5 - if a player scores on his own goal in any fashion (shot or shuffle) it will count as a goal for the opposition.
    8.6 - If the ball becomes lodged against a player, bicycle, or spokes in such a way that it cannot be dropped immediately, the play will be stopped. The ball will be placed on the ground. The person it was lodged on will get possession, and play will resume.
9 - After a goal is scored:
    9.1 - The team that scored returns to their half of the court.
    9.2 - The team that was scored upon gets possession of the ball.
    9.3 - Play will not resume until both teams have returned to their half of court.
    9.4 - The defending team may not attack until the ball or an offensive player has crossed half court.
10 - Players must not touch the ground, or "Dab"
    10.1 - A "dab" is if the player puts his foot on any horizontal surface. (the ground, his mallethead, a bike, the ball, another player.) 
    10.2 - The ball cannot be played with the feet, kicking the ball will be counted as a "dab"
    10.3 - Each time a player "dabs" That player is out of play,  and may not interfere with the ball or other players until they "tap in"
    10.4 - If a dabbed player stops a shot from going into the net at the ref's discretion it may be ruled a goal. This means if there is no doubt in the ref's mind that the ball would have went in, it will be ruled a goal. If the ref is not sure if it would have went in or not, it will not be ruled a goal.
    10.5 - The "Tap in" area will be at center along either side of the court. 
    10.6 - If a player crashes or falls off his bike the play will continue unless the referee is of the opinion that the player is injured.
11 - Games are played to five points
    11.1 - If there are time constraints games may be timed. In this case the game will stop at a set time, or five points whichever comes first.
    11.2 - The minimum time for a timed game will be 12 minutes.
    11.3 - In a timed game the clock will stop when there is a goal and restart when play resumes. (to prevent a team from running down the clock to maintain a lead)
    11.4 - In a timed game if the game is tied at the end of the time, the ball will be reset (as in Rule 7) and the game will become sudden death (first goal wins)
Contact Rules
12 - Body contact is allowed. 
    12.1 - holding (with hands, elbows, or mallets) is not allowed 
    12.2 - Pushing with the hands is not allowed.
    12.3 - Mallet to mallet contact is allowed. (however it is poor etiquite to hit another players mallet if he is not playing the ball or in front of the goal.)
    12.4 - Mallet to body contact is not allowed.
    12.5 - Mallet to bike contact is not allowed.
    12.6 - Body to bike contact is not allowed.
    12.7 - Bike to bike contact is not allowed. (incidental contact/blocking is fine. deliberate hitting or T-boning is not)
    12.8 - Intent to injure another player is not allowed.
13 - Throwing of mallets is not allowed at any time, in any situation.
    13.1 - If a thrown mallet stops a ball from going through the goal the referee may use his discretion to call the play a goal. (see 10.3)
14 - Kicking is not allowed.
15 - Trash talking is allowed. Trash on the courts is not allowed.
16 - There will be a goal judge at each end of the court to rule on goals.
    16.1 - Goal judges will be responsible for resetting nets that are knocked out of place.
    16.2 - If a net is out of place, the goal will be considered the space on the court where the net would normally be sitting.
17 - A referee will enforce the rules.
    17.1 - If a player does not "tap in" or violates a contact rule the referee will issue the offending player a "yellow card"
    17.2 - issuing a "yellow card" or warning will not stop the play of the game.
    17.3 - When a player is issued a "yellow card" they will be required to tap in. They may not interfere with the ball or other players until they tap in.
    17.4 - a player may receive two "yellow cards" after that the player will recieve a "red card"
    17.5 - a referee may use his discretion to give a player a "red card" at any time. (in other words you can receive a red card without receiving any prior yellow cards.)
    17.6 - if a player receives a "red card" play will be stopped. The offending player will be ejected from the remainder of the game, and the non-offending team will get possession of the ball.
    17.7 - Should any incident or question arise that is not provided for in the rules the referee will rule on the matter.
    17.8 - Decisions of the referee will be final.
18 - A timekeeper will keep track of time if required, and will keep track of the score.
Time Outs
18 - There are no timeouts until a goal is scored.
    18.1 - After a goal is scored a short time out can be called for a mechanical, or water, etc.
    18.2 - If the ball goes out of play, the game will be paused until the ball can be retrieved. The defending team will then get possession of the ball, and play will be resumed.
    18.3 - a timeout will automatically be called by the referee in the event of a serious injury.
Rule Changes
19 - All major North American and Regional tournaments will use these rules.
    19.1 - The rules will remain unchanged for each year. With the exception of rules that are deemed urgent to protect player safety.
    19.2 - Any suggestions, modifications, additions, or deletions of rules can be submitted to the rules comittee and once per year they will be reviewed and rules will be modified accordingly.
    19.3 - The rules will be posted at

Cold Blows the Wind Over My True Love

The North Wind Doth Blow.  A nursery rhyme.

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing. 

Perhaps the robin should have joined us for some wintry, windy bicycle polo on a typical blustry May day in Bozeman, Montana. Ryan and Chelsea
Photo © John Friedrich, 2010

Too much ballance!

This video is just too sexy that I couldn't resist posting it. You gotta love all aspects of cycling, and it's hard for anyone to not appreciate this video.

Test shots - Travis Collier from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

This is RAD!

This is totally rad! Accept for the fact that Red Bull is now tapping into the "extreme" sport of velo. It had to happen eventually.

Red Bull Minidrome from Radar Films on Vimeo.

The real question is... When are we building one of these!!!!!

Ride on dirt? Be a part.

For the last few months a few of us have been busy putting together a mountain bike-specific group as part of the Gallatin Valley Bike Club. Why? We want to keep the trails we have. We want new riding opportunities. We want the bike community to grow and get more cohesive. We want to continue having a great time doing what we love, and show others how rad riding bicycles on dirt is.
This is why we created the Dirt Concern, and this is why we're bringing Follow Me to the Emerson on May 23rd. See you there!
The Dirt Concern with the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club presents Follow Me at the Emerson's Crawford Theater May 23rd. There will be two showings at 6:00 and 8:00, tickets will be available at the door for $8. Proceeds will go to the The Dirt Concern, a new branch of the Gallatin Valley Bicycle club aimed at creating fun and inclusive mountain bike events in the Bozeman area as well as improving and expanding the trails we have to ride.

Follow Me is a new mountain bike movie from the crew who brought you the Collective, Roam, and Seasons. The first release from their new company Anthill Films, Follow Me takes the viewer inside the action, capturing the unique perspectives and HD imagery the crew is famous for. A modern portrait of mountain bike lifestyle, Follow Me gets back to the basics and reminds us why we all love to ride bikes. Breaking from the traditional single rider format, Follow Me is based on the idea that "no one rides alone"; mixing and matching the world's best downhillers, freeriders and slopestylers in some of the best places to ride on the planet. Think back-yard sessions, ripping local trails, bike parts, epic road trips and high mountain adventures. Follow Me is all about good times, riding with your friends, crazy adventures and most importantly having fun on your bike.

From the same group that brought Roam and Seasons to you, this film promises to be bigger and better than either. Proceeds will benefit The Dirt Concern. The Dirt Concern exists to maintain and increase the opportunities to ride bicycles on dirt in and around the Gallatin Valley. We encourage mountain bikers of all ages and ability to join with us to build trails, maintain the trails we have, organize rides and races, have barbecues and just esentially have a great time riding bikes with others. Join the club at the show and get involved in your community!

More information on the film is available here:
On the web:

More information on the event:

Follow Me - the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

A video about dumb trustafarians!

I couldn't help but hate the college students in this video. One they act like giving free food to the homeless is a new idea. Well kids (the dumb ones in the video), there is this anarchist movement that's been around since the 80s called Food Not Bombs. Anyone can start a chapter and it's awesome.

Also, the kid in the video says that "we go bike out to Santa Ana" and then they show clips of them loading their $1000+ fixies into a truck and onto a car to "go bike out to Santa Ana".

Burrito Project from Jon Chou on Vimeo.

It's not that what they are doing is bad. It's totally awesome! But to make a video about it that is just them riding their fixies in slow motion is extremely stupid.

Anyway the video annoyed the shit out of me, and I had to rant about it. And!!!, if I was homeless and one of these kids rode up to me on their $1000 bikes I would punch them in the face and steal their bike along with their $300 messenger bag full of burritos! What a bunch of self righteous

Bozeman Hardcourt Bicycle Polo

Do you read this blog yet haven't met many of the other readers or moderators?  Do you want to?  Because we want to meet you.  But we don't just want to meet you, we want to meet you and do some cycling.  We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm on the asphalt behind Hawthorne School for friendly games of pick-up Hardcourt Bike Polo.  Come on down and meet us - we'll lend you a mallet and a bicycle to try it and we go really, really easy on beginners. 

All are invited, girls and boys so what are you waiting for?

Got a question for us?  Leave a comment below and one of the mods will answer it for you asap.

Elk Bike

Heard about it but not seen it? Here it is - the "Elk Bike" in Bozeman, MT.

Elk Bike

God... I can't wait for the next one.

Plus it looks like there are gunna be mad fixed gears in it!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!


Stoked on being stoked

Report: Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked

Yes... ride a fucking bike!


If that doesn't make your day, then I feel bad for you.

The Snob

Now that the Bike Snob has release his name, his book will soon be following suit. Available for pre-order now.
When asked why he decided to give up his identity Mr. Weiss responded with;
"I want to be able to travel in support of my book. Doing interviews in a balaclava tends to scare people away and get you in trouble at airports."

Has anyone considered the irony of putting a picture of Mr. Weiss up on this website? Yeah, maybe not enough color, or colour.
Just love baby...just love.

Bike! Bike! in Boulder, CO March 2010

The video work is a bit rough, but not to bad for a cheap Kodak digital camera.

Bike! Bike! in Boulder, CO March 2010 from jon wareham on Vimeo.


This isn't for the faint of heart. So unless you find humor in pain, don't watch this.

ps: Yes, twitter has video postings now. Gross

April Alleycat