Stairways to Heaven

Sweet video from an alleycat that happened recently in LA titled, "Stairways to Heaven." The race consisted of 3 sprints, 2 stair sets and 1 final 8 mile sprint to the meet-up at Bike Day LA. The full video will be coming out on Jan. 1. 2010. here is the teaser:

Seen here

Pre-Nom 09

I'm busy. This will be brief.

Thanksgiving morning, meet at Lil Sherpa Java on Mendenhall (just north of the new Bangtail) at 9am. Then ride bikes around town. I'm probably going to miss it since I am dog sitting and that's the only time I have tomorrow to take them for a good walk. Sorry.


Epicly Rapha cyclcocross hipster.

I thought that I could hide it, though now you all must know the truth. This actually IS what my friends and I talk about before going and racing 'cross.

Also, this is how my friends and I, BACK EAST BRO!.... uhh... get pumped for some epic epicing.

*note: I actually owned a long sleeve jersey from Rapha that I got on sale at the end of last winter. I toured in it during the summer and it was rarely off my back, (since I started in April it was bit chilly on the morning starts and the Adirondaks were cold as hell). I can honestly say that though their products cost a little more than an arm and a leg, that jersey was hands down the best piece of cycling apparel that I have ever owned. Im bummed that the paramedics had to cut it off my body. Rapha does love their epicness.

MT fullpipe?

What can a bmxer do when it's sleeting out in Bozeman? The skatepark, the dirt track and any good street is outside getting covered in the wet and cold.

Well... you could drive an hour or more to another town in the hope that they aren't getting hit with the same weather system. You could break into one of the closed hotels or warehouses in the area and hope there's some stuff to ride.

Oh, snap... there was that full pipe you saw off the highway a few weeks back! Hope it's big enough to have some decent transitions.

Montana Full Pipe from jon wareham on Vimeo.

Bike porn for hump day...hehe

Sweet montage from VelOrue...

and some wicked sweet bmxing from Volume Bike's Tate Roskelley

Seen here and here.


Omar is the man...

HUF x NIKE SB from HUF on Vimeo.

Seen here


When not swamped with school work I usually try to occupy my time riding a bike. The weather has been sort of off and on these past few weeks, but when its on boy is it nice. Here are a few pictures I took while riding around.
Ya can't pass up a junk yard photo shoot.
Free from the leg warmers... for now.
Got a new point and shoot. Its nice.

Fest Fest '09: A Festival. 2009 Edition

Sometimes the spontaneous fun is the best kind. Just a pretty day to go spend a little bit of time on two wheels before returning to work turned into a downright festival.

Beautiful fall day?

Redundancy? Check.

Idiots on Bikes?
Well, duh. This isn't The Bozeman Walk.

Muleterro Mulecross Race

October 31st, 2009. Halloween. Muleterro holds it's first annual Mulecross Cyclocross race in Bozeman, MT. Participation and turnout is excellent. The course is referred to as tactile. Hills, hurdles, muddy ruts, rocks, chicanes, and speedy runouts.

Muleterro Mulecross 2009 from samh on Vimeo.