This is not real, but should be:

Livingston Bicycle Fest

Livingston Bicycle Fest
Sunday, May 20th 12 to 4pm
Miles Park, Livingston, MT

How a Bicycle is Made

I figured a little schooling was in order since it's Bike Week and all. Follow me, Jimmy, and we'll see what happened before that bicycle just showed up at your neighborhood Woolworth's...

the bicycle is a comfortable and cheap way of getting abouta great boon to man
ideal for shopping
easy to park
handy for work
a faithful friend ever ready to take tired workers back home
and after work,
 to bring relaxation, health & happiness


First Time Bike Commuter?

It's Bike Week in the BZN and that first time biking to work can sometimes be a little daunting, but you don't have to let it be.

Check out the comments on this blog post for some great tips for first time commuters:

Some of the tips that jumped out at me are...

  • you don't need a special bike -- any bike'll do
  • choose the route that is most pleasant, not fastest
  • it's okay to start by just biking in one direction (like maybe take the bus in the morning with your bike and just bike home to avoid getting sweaty)
Happy Bike Week!

Stolen Bike Alert - Raleigh


If you have any info or see this bike, please email us here at The Fix.

Double Nickels on the Grime The Morganzo 55

Printed without permission from Loto Mojo:
There's been a surge the past few years of semi-organized gravel bicycle rides, at least across the Midwest. I first heard about the Almanzo a few years ago and appreciate the independent spirit and grassroots vibe of the ride/race. The Trans Iowa is another one I'd love to ride one day.
Read more and stay tuned to Loto Mojo and here at The Fix for more on this ride / event.

Trans Iowa V8

If you're not already following the Trans Iowa and you're interested in doing so, here's the link to a primary reporter/organizer of the race (ride).

Hell yeah summer

I know we can all feel summer coming. Here's a great downhill edit to satisfy the cravings: