Death Pedal 2 comin' atcha!!! This trailer gets me pumped. Not like steroids, "pumped". More like, it's Friday and this trailer makes me excited to go ride bikes.

For those of you that may not recall, here is the Death Pedal 1 trailer: Death Pedal 1
This trailer is everywhere by now, but I saw it here.

Win a Free Scattante Empire State Courier

His awesomeness, BikeSnobNYC is giving away a free Scattante Empire State Courier to one [un]lucky person. If you've had a bicycle stolen, enter the Snob's contest - maybe you'll win a new whip.

The following has been shamelessly re-printed from BikeSnobNYC's blog without permission:
Of course, choosing a recipient requires some sort of selection process, so this forces me to run a "contest." As a cycling blogger, I often hear the laments of people who have lost their bicycles to theft, and I figure if anybody needs a free bike it's somebody who lost theirs in this manner. So here's how the contest will work. If you or somebody close to you has had a bicycle stolen recently, please send your story (via words, or video, or narrative cartoon, or song, or whatever emailable medium is most comfortable for you) to me at bikesnobnyc(at)yahoo(dot)com with the subject line "I DISPARATELY NEED A BIEK!" You must send your story before 12:01 AM EST on Saturday, January 30th, and it should address the following:
1) Where you live;
2) How old you are;
3) How many bikes you currently own;
4) How your bike got stolen;
5) What you used it for and why you need a replacement.

Please keep your submission as succinct as possible. While special consideration will be given for entertainment value, the most important factor in determining a winner will be need. (If your bike was stolen despite being securely locked and you need a new one to get to work or school you could win; if your unlocked bike was stolen from in front of a bar and you need a new one for bar-crawling you will lose.) While I have no way of verifying your tale, I urge you to be honest and not to fabricate "sob stories." Also, keep in mind that I may post any entries I receive.
If you enter, let us here at The Bozeman Fix know and if the Snob ends up having folks vote we'll round up the troops for a veritable internet vote-fixing barrage.

What would you do?

This is an awesome prank. I think I would be a little flustered too.

That one guy does not look too pleased though.

Chase Hawk rips!

Smooth flow. You have to watch the air he does close to the camera a few times because it's just so stylish. And then you need to pause it as he does a tire slide across the other side of the ramp.

Yoooooooooo! from on Vimeo.

Just too much bike control for any one person, but it's awesome to watch.


this is how the canucks deal with winter.

39C Living Room BMX Jam from Rob Lando on Vimeo.

Back in the day.

Yes, back in the days that I don't remember. Though I have a fair excuse; I wasn't born yet. However, I still manage to get all nostalgic when I remember that there were in fact more glorious days of road cycling than what we are familiar with today. That is not to say that the riding today is not exciting, though I must admit that the romance has faded. Im afraid the chances of a photo like this taken of todays PRO circuit riders is slim to none. As I mentioned before, at least we can still remember that it happened. Heres the proof! No helmet, all smiles, 20%+ grade climb, and a hot babe on the side of the road. Epic.


Ben Hucke gettin' PITTED!