Another BMX video!

This vid is full of tricks that only a handful of people can do. It's all street without a single flair (backflip 180) and with only two tailwhips (on a cool feature so they're excused). Props to the Shadow crew for keeping it real. Enjoy

The Shadow Conspiracy - Best of 2011 from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Drew Bezanson Rips

Drew Bezanson is an animal. He's one of those people who rides their bike so fast that it is scary for other people to watch. Especially, when he's headed toward a ramp! Enjoy, because some of the clips in this video will raise your heart rate.

Drew Bezanson from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

With My Own Two Wheels

I just saw this documentary on the MSU campus and it is great. It is not preachy, it simply shows how much a bike can change peoples' lives.

If you got 43 minutes, here it is:

Virginia Mountain Biking

This video has poor dubbing describing a mostly backcountry ride through Virgina's mountains. The idea is to create something similar to The Colorado Trail in Virginia, promoting conservation and recreation. The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail (which they don't exactly say is finished) consists mainly of singletrack, is 480 miles long,climbs 65,000 feet and took them 12 days to complete.

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail from Scott Wootten on Vimeo.

Chainless BMX

This video is of Florent Soulas destroying everything in his path without the use of a chain. By taking the chain off he essentially gets a freecoaster hub (allowing one to be moving backwards without having their cranks move with the rear cog) without the cost of one. The drawback would be that you really don't have a conventional way of moving forward, unless you pump really aggressively (min 1:35-1:47). Which is pretty much what Soulas does during the video


0:32  180 to backwards manual to 180 forwards manual to 360 out
3:24 180 onto ledge to fakie turndown

Florent Soulas Chainless from adrien delaforcade on Vimeo.

Specialized Enduro

I am resistant to post a video that is promoting a specific product. However, Matt Hunter is riding this specific product and I think that makes it ok.

Go hurl yourself down a mountain. Do it now

GoPro has a new promo out. I don't really feel one way or another about GoPro, and frankly I think I could do with a little less crappy helmet cam footy in my day to day web experience.

But, this promo makes me want to get up and go hurl down a mountain with reckless abandon.

Not Andrew Brought His Singlespeed, and His Game Face.

Andrew Loaiza CRUSHING it at Rolling Thunder

More pictures here.

Fatties Flip Fine

The U.S. Cargo Bike Revolution

Liz Canning - The U.S. Cargo Bike Revolution documentary

Closure Notice - Sourdough Canyon Trailhead

Sourdough Canyon Trailhead to Close for Improvements

Pending final approvals, the Sourdough Canyon Trailhead will be closed October 11 - 21 while Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) completes a series of vital enhancements that will improve public safety, recreational uses, and wildlife habitat. This work includes expanding the available parking, installing a turn-around for emergency and larger vehicles, straightening the access road, and restoring a section of Sourdough Creek.

Since the property was donated to the Gallatin Valley Land Trust by Michael Delaney and Ileana Indreland in 2007, GVLT has been working with a diverse group of stakeholders and partners to design improvements to one of Bozeman’s most popular year-round trailheads. Last fall, GVLT installed a permanent vault toilet and approximately 15 new parking spaces. The work scheduled for next week will further expand the parking, improve the safety of the road, and help reduce sedimentation into Sourdough Creek by moving the road away from the creek corridor.

This project is funded by generous contributions from the Gallatin Resource Advisory Committee, Montana Import Group, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, National Forest Foundation, Patagonia, REI, and dozens of individuals. The work is being completed in partnership with Gallatin County, the City of Bozeman, the Gallatin National Forest, and several private landowners.

Please obey all posted closures during this time. For updates, please visit or contact us at or 587-8404.

Kelly Pohl
Program Director
Gallatin Valley Land Trust
25 N Willson Ave, Suite E
Bozeman, MT 59715

T-1 in Australia

This video documents the guys from Terrible One heading down to Ausi-land last year and it's pretty sweet. The nice thing about the video is that it isn't all about riding. It's about the friends and community that you find when you are passionate about bikes.

It's amazing where our two wheeled machines take us in life.

Note that the video is 17 minutes long. Enjoy

T-1 "Let's Didgeridoo This" Australia 2011 from joe rich on Vimeo.

Area Man Totally Killing It on His BMX Bike

Jon Dub slaying it.

Hunter Weeks' latest project - Where The Yellowstone Goes

Local filmmaker Hunter Weeks, the director of the award winning Ride The Divide, has a new Montana themed project in the works. It is titled Where The Yellowstone Goes.

About the film:

Where the Yellowstone Goes follows a small crew on a soul-searching and inspirational journey along the longest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States: the Yellowstone River. They’ll rally together the supplies they need, including a hand built drift boat and set course on a voyage of grand proportions and life defining events. Experience silhouetted moments of the crew fly fishing in the amber morning light, telling life stories by a fire and connecting with colorful folks along the way. Add to this the unending sounds and sights of a massive water flow, flanked on each side by huge, snow-capped mountains and plains full of elk and deer, bald eagles and the occasional grizzly bear. This is Montana, this is the Yellowstone River and this is one of the most spectacular and unique landscapes in the world.

Mr. Weeks is seeking $1.00 donations to support his latest project, which showcases our beautiful state.

You want this. You know you want this.

Elements of Perfection - Pt5 - Soul from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.


This video is worth watching and the soundtrack is awesome!

The Midlands from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

Sweet Bike scavenger hunt next Saturday! 

Sat 9/24/11
11am @ La Parilla
Bring a Camera & Pocket Money

Ian says: "It's gonna be rediculous!"

go to:

or contact:

Bozeman Bicycle Counts - 2011

Bozeman is conducting it's first annual bicycle count this week! Many Bozemanites have noticed more bikes on our roads, but until we have hard numbers, this is just an observations and won't help make the case for building more bicycle facilities. The City found that when they installed bike lanes and sidewalks on West Babcock Street in 2006, bicycle and pedestrian numbers went up 256 percent immediately! This is a powerful and convincing statistic, but until now, it's all we have. 

We will be following the methodology developed by the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project and conducting our counts September 13th-15th from 5-7pm. If you can help us count, please click on the following link to provide your name and email to one of the locations and time periods. If you can do multiple days from the same location, this will improve our consistency in data gathering. Click here to access sign-up sheet.

When you sign-up, we will send you customized count forms and instructions to print and take with you. 
Thanks for helping to make Bozeman a better bicycle town!

Joe Gilpin
Alta Planning + Design

Matt Hunter goes for a bike ride.

This is how you are supposed to ride a bike.

I want to listen to this commentary every time I rally a downhill section.

Watch until the very end. At 3:07 the commentator poses a very important question.

That's a Pretty Fat Wheelie on that Fat Bike, eh?

CaptainE gettin' er' done on a Salsa Mukluk in sandals.  Fatbikes aren't just for winter anymore, foo!

Danny Macaskill

Here is some cool stuff with Danny Macaskill, Martin Soderstrom and Daniel Dhers. Daniel Dhers doesn't do shit in the video, but the other stuff with Martin and Danny is great.

Chad Johnston

Brakeless pegless flatland?!? That's right! It's some of the most progressive stuff being done on bikes right now. It is essentially as crazy as the stuff Danny Macaskill is doing. A big part of his ability to do most of the tricks  is because the bike has a steeper head-tube and a shorter top tube. Enjoy. 

Chad Johnston - Welcome from S&M Bikes on Vimeo.

Danny Macaskill

I know you've all seen it, but here's the video anyway.

Austin TX riding

This video features Ruben Alcantara riding a bunch of spots down in Austin Texas. It is always a privilege to watch Ruben ride because he has the sweetest flow ever. There are so many nuances to his riding and anyone who has been on a variety of bikes can probably notice how much control he has. It is true mastery. Enjoy.

Ruben Alcantara: Estilo Fluido from etnies on Vimeo.

Down the hill

This is a little clip of me descending the Mt. Hood access road. Awesome climb but an even better descent. I did this ride up and down fixed once...I don't remember any part of that being fun. Kind of a do it just to do it sort of thing. Anyways, here ya go!

woodgrain bikes

This is a cool video.

Process: Woodgrain Bike Frames from Etsy on Vimeo.

How to open a bottle of beer.

Since I know you cats are all lacking in beer-bottle opening techniques, here's one of the better ones I've ever seen. My friend Teresa of Mountain Biking Girl fame would like to show you n00bz how it's done.

How to open a bottle of beer with a bike! from Teresa on Vimeo.

$200.00 REWARD for the return of a stolen Xtracycle

A $200.00 reward is being offered for the return of an Xtracycle stolen from a residence in North-East Bozeman.

You can find details at this Craigslist post.


Bike Rafting Rules!

This video is totally inspirational and makes me feel like I need to get on my bike and do some real exploring. Enjoy.

Bikerafting Alaska's Lost Coast: Yakutat to Glacier Bay. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

KSR 2011

these are kinda late but here are some photos from the 2011 Killington Stage Race that my friend Galen and I raced in May.

Ended up rounding out the top 10 in the GC with two 7th place finishes on Stage 1 and Stage 3.

Bike Polo Tomorrow!

There is a Bozeman Hardcourt Bike Polo match scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, July 13th starting at 7:00 PM.  We'll be gathering to play at a new space provided us by the good folks at Mystery Ranch.  This is a bit of a haul to get to but it's private property so we won't get hassled and could be a good location for long term play.  

Mystery Ranch is located at 1750 Evergreen Drive.  To get there from town take either Rouse North, then left on Griffin, then left on Evergreen.  Or take 7th Ave North, then right on Griffin, then right on Evergreen.  If you're into adventure there is also a dirt road to the left off Rouse (just past I-90 next to the railroad tracks) that leads you there via the super-secret entrance.  
If you're new to bike polo don't be afraid - - come join us - - we're a bunch of outgoing, friendly people who will happily lend you a bicycle, mallet, and give you whatever sort of hand-holding you might need to learn how to play.  We'll be certain to play some beginner games where we focus on people learning the sport rather than winning.  Things to consider bringing if you have them are a bicycle that can get beat up (don't worry, we'll have some to lend out if you only have a nice bike), a helmet, closed-toe shoes, long pants, long shirt, and good vibes.  If you're a little afraid to come join some new people, consider bringing a friend.  We really, really, really want to get some good turnouts of people to play polo this year.  Join us!

See you Tomorrow,
The Bozeman Fix

Lost! Found! Look out!

A friend of mine was hit this morning by a white (2007?) Honda Cr-V. The driver, an older woman with white hair and glasses rolled through a stop sign and bumped into her, then proceeded to scold her for being on a bicycle in the road. She is alright, but this serves as an important reminder to all road users. If you see a driver behaving aggressively towards cyclist or breaking traffic laws, get plate numbers. Call the Bozeman police and share this information. By doing this you can make our roads safer for cyclists, pedestrians and responsible motorists alike. Also, be wary of Honda Cr-Vs piloted by grumpy old women.

In other news, a pair of sunglasses were left at Lindley park last Wednesday after the race. Get in touch with me if they are yours.

America! Alleycat!!

Wednesday, July 6th, At 7pm
Meet at the climbing boulder by Kagy.
Bring $5, a camera/phone/camera phone, and a fire starting device.
Rad prizes! Explosions! Beautiful women*!

*probably the same bunch of dudes

Liquid Cargo Shenanigans

The RecycleCycle was recently put to the test and passed with flying colors when used to transport a keg of beer still 2/3rds full all the way across town.


Here's a link to an article talking about life on the trail when racing the Iditarod. These people are badass endurance racers.