Ride on dirt? Be a part.

For the last few months a few of us have been busy putting together a mountain bike-specific group as part of the Gallatin Valley Bike Club. Why? We want to keep the trails we have. We want new riding opportunities. We want the bike community to grow and get more cohesive. We want to continue having a great time doing what we love, and show others how rad riding bicycles on dirt is.
This is why we created the Dirt Concern, and this is why we're bringing Follow Me to the Emerson on May 23rd. See you there!
The Dirt Concern with the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club presents Follow Me at the Emerson's Crawford Theater May 23rd. There will be two showings at 6:00 and 8:00, tickets will be available at the door for $8. Proceeds will go to the The Dirt Concern, a new branch of the Gallatin Valley Bicycle club aimed at creating fun and inclusive mountain bike events in the Bozeman area as well as improving and expanding the trails we have to ride.

Follow Me is a new mountain bike movie from the crew who brought you the Collective, Roam, and Seasons. The first release from their new company Anthill Films, Follow Me takes the viewer inside the action, capturing the unique perspectives and HD imagery the crew is famous for. A modern portrait of mountain bike lifestyle, Follow Me gets back to the basics and reminds us why we all love to ride bikes. Breaking from the traditional single rider format, Follow Me is based on the idea that "no one rides alone"; mixing and matching the world's best downhillers, freeriders and slopestylers in some of the best places to ride on the planet. Think back-yard sessions, ripping local trails, bike parts, epic road trips and high mountain adventures. Follow Me is all about good times, riding with your friends, crazy adventures and most importantly having fun on your bike.

From the same group that brought Roam and Seasons to you, this film promises to be bigger and better than either. Proceeds will benefit The Dirt Concern. The Dirt Concern exists to maintain and increase the opportunities to ride bicycles on dirt in and around the Gallatin Valley. We encourage mountain bikers of all ages and ability to join with us to build trails, maintain the trails we have, organize rides and races, have barbecues and just esentially have a great time riding bikes with others. Join the club at the show and get involved in your community!

More information on the film is available here:
On the web: http://www.anthillfilms.com/followme.php
Email: info@anthillfilms.com

More information on the event:
Email: johnp@thedirtconcern.com

Follow Me - the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

A video about dumb trustafarians!

I couldn't help but hate the college students in this video. One they act like giving free food to the homeless is a new idea. Well kids (the dumb ones in the video), there is this anarchist movement that's been around since the 80s called Food Not Bombs. Anyone can start a chapter and it's awesome.

Also, the kid in the video says that "we go bike out to Santa Ana" and then they show clips of them loading their $1000+ fixies into a truck and onto a car to "go bike out to Santa Ana".

Burrito Project from Jon Chou on Vimeo.

It's not that what they are doing is bad. It's totally awesome! But to make a video about it that is just them riding their fixies in slow motion is extremely stupid.

Anyway the video annoyed the shit out of me, and I had to rant about it. And!!!, if I was homeless and one of these kids rode up to me on their $1000 bikes I would punch them in the face and steal their bike along with their $300 messenger bag full of burritos! What a bunch of self righteous

Bozeman Hardcourt Bicycle Polo

Do you read this blog yet haven't met many of the other readers or moderators?  Do you want to?  Because we want to meet you.  But we don't just want to meet you, we want to meet you and do some cycling.  We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm on the asphalt behind Hawthorne School for friendly games of pick-up Hardcourt Bike Polo.  Come on down and meet us - we'll lend you a mallet and a bicycle to try it and we go really, really easy on beginners. 

All are invited, girls and boys so what are you waiting for?

Got a question for us?  Leave a comment below and one of the mods will answer it for you asap.

Elk Bike

Heard about it but not seen it? Here it is - the "Elk Bike" in Bozeman, MT.

Elk Bike

God... I can't wait for the next one.

Plus it looks like there are gunna be mad fixed gears in it!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!


Stoked on being stoked

Report: Most College Males Admit To Regularly Getting Stoked

Yes... ride a fucking bike!


If that doesn't make your day, then I feel bad for you.

The Snob

Now that the Bike Snob has release his name, his book will soon be following suit. Available for pre-order now.
When asked why he decided to give up his identity Mr. Weiss responded with;
"I want to be able to travel in support of my book. Doing interviews in a balaclava tends to scare people away and get you in trouble at airports."

Has anyone considered the irony of putting a picture of Mr. Weiss up on this website? Yeah, maybe not enough color, or colour.
Just love baby...just love.

Bike! Bike! in Boulder, CO March 2010

The video work is a bit rough, but not to bad for a cheap Kodak digital camera.

Bike! Bike! in Boulder, CO March 2010 from jon wareham on Vimeo.