Sunday. Sunny. No snow for the last week or so. Warm. Remaining snow is hard and icy. Bridger's website says "Hard Pack".
Does that make me want to ski? Does that make anyone want to ski?
Nope. Shouldn't, at least. So I went to Pipestone for a little early-season mountain biking. I borrowed the Fun-duro from the shop (6" Front and Rear) and went for about a 12 mile ride in the 40 degree sunny day. There was a maximum of about 2 inches of snow, and what was on the trail was nicely packed, enough that I got traction even when climbing. Enough to make it a hell of a fun time on the downhills...2 wheel drifts are easier on a bit of snow.
No Pictures. Tough.
Tomorrow I'm planning on heading out with Brian, so maybe I'll take some.

What about the next Pub Ride?

Questions have been raised regarding the next Pub Ride (like I have any responsibility for their creation). I think that at the absolute latest we should expect one to fall out of the sky for St. Patty’s Day. But 2 months? Isn’t that a long time to wait to celebrate some dubious occurrence by drinking bikes and riding beer? Wha?

Here’s some dates that could apply well to a pub ride. No, a Pub Ride. Events that can be given the proper measure of due respect, deference, and admiration via two-wheeled alcohol-fueled depravity.

21st: Hugging Day
24th: Beer first sold in cans
27th: Thomas Crapper Day
31st: Child Labor Day (make sure to wear your Patagonia!)

4th: Thank a Mailman Day, also Alice Cooper’s Birthday
7th: Girls and Women in Sports Day (lets have a few more ladies along for the ride this time)
14th: Ferris Wheel Day (yeah, and something else too…we’re going to leave that alone)
16th: Nylon Stockings Patented
18th: Pluto Day-the anniversary of the finding of the PLANET Pluto. (when is 'Pluto Gets Shit On Day'?)
22nd: Girl Scout Thinking Day (not making this up)
28th: Repetitive Strain Injuries Awareness Day. (make sure we drink with Both hands)

So there’s some ideas. You know where to find me. As always, updates will be posted here posthaste.

Why Ski?

Yes, there's snow. Enough even to go XC skiing. There's even snow at Bridger Bowl, and by my East Coast standards, the conditions are really good. But Sethela and I went for a ride today, in the snow.


Probably, in the sense that we (and others) don't partake in the ski mania that permeates the air here 8 months out of the year. I prefer to think of it as 'I'm above being so narrow-minded as to only think of one activity.'( I know what you're thinking-lighten up). Sure, I ski...I used to ride a nice snowboard too, until Big Sky broke it. I've even gone this week and had fun. But....if you can ride a bike on it, is it really that good for skiing? If you say yes, try a good snow ride, and come out of the closet. It is that good.

More Bagels!

I picked up Alex at the airport last night, and what a nice surprise she brought! (say that in a nice Yiddish accent)

more bagels from NYC!!!!!!!!!!

2 Pumpernickel, 2 Marble Rye (both nonexistent in Bozeman), an Everything, a Salt, and a Bialy!

Here's a picture, and as always, feel free to forward this to Bagelworks (still on my shit list).

New Year, Good Bagels.

Last night I visited Sethela and his lovely wife who is NOT a gimp. Whilst there, they presented to me a half-dozen genuine, enormous, delicious, fragrant, real New York bagels! Two matched sets of three: pumpernickel and egg. That helped my New Year's hangover. Wait...I wasn't Hung Over, I was merely exhausted from a long night drinking. As an aside, thanks to the anonymous person who left a ten-spot under the Elijah Craig.
Here's some pictures (although no pictures were taken during my
New Year's fete...thankfully):

Feel free to forward these pictures to Bagelworks. They're still on my shit list for discontinuing rye bagels.
In bike-related news, well, there isn't much. New Guy Pete and I are thinking about an ice race in Hyalite this winter. As always, updates will be found here.