Not too much going on.

Sorry to say. The snow, while welcome, has put a significant damper on mountain biking, polo, and really, any kind of cycling other than assertively taking up space on the road while riding around town. We had a good bit of fun this last Sunday with Wiley, having a Ridiculous Cycling Photo Sesh at Gus's place and Cooper Park. Oh, good times were had by all...Xtracycle surfing, Xtracycle power slides (with passenger!), snow racing and crashing, and more. The funny thing is that this all happened without the aid of the most powerful silliness-inducing elixir for bike geeks like us, alcohol.
I won't drone on here, this really is a 'you had to be there' kind of a thing, but here's a hint of what happened. Hope to see you next time!

Ahh...the start of something beautiful.
Tonight, after a couple ofyears of dreaming and a couple of months of sweet-talking I finally have, in my kitchen, a good and proper kegerator. The fridge, free. Kegs, procured cheaply. CO2 tank, regulator, and faucet, borrowed. RaceFace Turbine LP tap handle, well...good friends forgive.
I now have an IPA in the keg, intended to be a moderately strong (6%) and hoppy beer. However, I made two changes from my normal fermentation routine. I lent out my normal 6gal primary and had to use a 5gal with a blowoff hose. No big deal. I then left the carboy in the kitchen instead of the basement, subjecting the beer to 20 degree temp. swings throughout the day. Anyway, the result is a sweet, viscous, incompletely fermented beer that falls well under the legal limit in Utah. Damn. At least it will make a good breakfast beer.

Next week- Billings

A little something in my email inbox this morning:
Pilgrim Pillage 2007 Bicycle Race
November 17th 5p.m. North Park . Alleycat style open road race . Fixed gears, Single speeds, and Cruisers highly encouraged. To enter simply show up with $5 and 3 cans of non-perishable food. For more info please email Hope to see you there."

Again, I'll try to get off of work early so I can make it. Who else wants to go?

In other news, Captain Entropy's last alleycat brought the most participants we have yet had, with something like 35-40 showing up to throw down. Dallas, Other Seth, and I made a pact to have a shot at every bar we entered. This meant shots of JD at the Hideaway followed by more shots at Plonk. I think the heat of the competition and the self-induced fuzziness from the Jack (and the two pints of Tetley's Ale before the race) kind of altered my decision-making processes:

Steve at Plonk: " Hey John, what can I get for ya?
me: "uhhhhhh......uhhhhh.........ThreeShotsAPatronWe'reInARaceblahblahblah....."

Pricey, but well worth it. And I made sure to take the extra moment to savor that fine nectar, race be damned!

Plans were made to also stop at Ale Works and Bozone Brewery. I was relieved to learn they were closed.

Anyway, the race went smoothly (aside from Mason's riddles and momentary confusion between east and west), nobody got hit by a car, a couple of guys showed up from Billings, and C-Note won. I forgot who won the Women's race. Sorry. Big props to Steve and Katie for racing on the vintage Scwhinn Tandem and to Ryan for racing in the, uh, phallic costume.

I think that's going to be it with the Alleycats until spring, unless this summer weather sticks around for a bit.
BUT that does not mean the bicycle hijinks are going to stop. Plan on pub rides and Ice derbies and crits this winter. Bike Polo is still happening, now at the Basketball Court on campus by 11th and College. Wednesdays at 7:30.

Big thanks:
Steve at Plonk- Go there, this guy has done a lot for our races and pub rides. And not all their stuff is highfalutin either. They've got plenty of $3 beers, you dirtbags.

Stan Smith with Team Native- not only did he race on a purty Salsa cross bike, he also supplied the bulk of the prizes.

Ryan at Rockford Coffee- Rockford has been supporting the general cycling and racing scene in Bozeman for about the whole time they've been around here. Don't forget to watch the Giro and Tour de France live there on the big tv.

And thanks to everyone who showed up- you're helping the illicit cycling community grow in this town.

The Bozeman Fix Presents......

Yet Another Alley Cat is here. Sunday November 4th 3pm @ Cooper Park. Bring $5, A bike and a bag. Be prepared to bring your A game, or B game, or really what ever game you got. All bikes are welcome; cruisers, fixies, tall bikes, mini bikes.

Ok- I reallyreallyREALLY want to play bike polo this the point where I'm about to go get a #1 soccer ball to play on grass, a la Chicago or SF. But I'd rather play on hard, unforgiving pavement or concrete. So this shot is of the parking lot for the dog park and baseball fields on Highland Blvd. There's lights, I saw some pylons nearby, and it's fairly level. So who'sin for polo here on the 24th? Let me know.
I've also started to make my way through to the people I need to talk to in the city to get explicit permission to use public property after dark during the week. If I am successful at this, it will open up the very real and probable outcome of having a bike polo invitational here in Bozeman. Good things are coming, just hang in there.
Also, I just rode by the basketball court on campus, just south of the corner of 11th and College. There are a few lights surrounding it (ok....2), it's 80% walled and fenced in, and it's level. The downside is I'm SURE we will get kicked outta there before long. But I'm game for giving it a go.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

A new steed

There comes a time in every man's life when his thoughts turn to fancy. Fancy new bikes that is. My new hot and fancy bike is a Redline Monocog 29r. I bought a frame on closeout for a song and built it up as a fixie/SS commuter. I know that it kind of looks like a hybrid. So what? I wanted clearance for studded tires and fenders so the 29 frame made sense. It has ample clearance for both. The wheels are Salsa Delgado 29rs on Deore 9sp disc hubs. One brake, a Juicy 5 w/ 185 rotor to shut her down. Stanley at SJ Customs built me a 19t cog machined to bolt on to a ISO 6bolt hub. Thanks Stan! The final gearing is 36/19 and the final gear inch is 51.2 . It makes for a nice all round speed for easy riding in a wind or in snow, especially once the studs go on.

Yeah, Billings!

Two Questions:
1. Who's in?
2. Who's driving?

Billings Ironcan Bicycle race 10/20/2007 6pm Swords Park parking lot (corner of 27th and airport).
15 miles 8 beers open road bicycle race. Can you handle the ironcan? To enter simply show up and bring 8 beers, 4 tall cans or bombers (to be drank by you).Fixed gears, single speeds, and cruisers highly encouraged. Let the journey begin.

Pashley chromed mercy-and-love-from-heaven incarnate in the form of a bike. Pashleys are in the same style as Raleighs of yore, except that they didn't get bought by another company and move production out of England. Stratford-on-Avon, to be exact. They also own (or distribute) Moulton bikes.

Mmmmm.....Waterford. Those letters are all individually brazed on, as is the headbadge.

Jelly Belly Harley with sidecar, kinda like a miniature Wienermobile but smaller. And painted differently.

We got some time to kill, so what better things to do in an airport than order liters of beer and play with our new tools! Here Pete is just about to start fodling the new Phil outboard bearing relacement kit we picked up for the shop. This will allow us to put Phil bearings in any manufacturer's outbard bearing BB. also in the pic is Pete's new White Industries sealed BB for his Monkey. And now it's time to drink our beers......
more pictures from the last two days will make it on the blog, I promise.

Drink&drink&drink&drink&drink&drink&RIDE! Drink&drink&drink&drink&drink&drink&RIDE! Ridin long bikes and drinkin through the night! Drink&drink&drink&drink&drink&drink&RIDE!!!!

So one might wonder wha kinds of things goes on at an Xtracycle party. Let's just say that first a healthy amont of tequila and a couple of readily available bikes results in..

Xtracycle pursuit races in the hotel room. But, that's not nearly interesting enough, so after five laps, each competitor has to switch diections, without putting a foot down.
However, that's not really interesting enough either, so we thoght that maybe we should...uh....switch bikes, without putting a foot down. There's a challenge. Pete and I just about successfully performed this switch, with me riding away with no dab and Pete dabbing only once.
The cops did show up, however. Level 5, people.....level 5.

At the Brooks booth (which is inundated with the glorious smell of hand-worked leather) is a beautiful Pegoretti with wood rims and fenders. To die for.

Hooray Crumpler! 4pm Cooper's Ale and Vegemite on crackers. These guys( and gals) are great...they support the messenger community and brought it strong at the Wednesday night goldsprints.

Sram had a hell of a booth. Every day 5pm brought free Fat Tire and Greg Herbold throwing product out to the drunk and greedy masses. You can clearly see the X0 hat I got from SRAM. It's pretty nice. Oh, the SRAM girls were there too.

Why do we love Surly? Because of their bikes? Yeah. Because of their accessories? Yeah. Because they're really cool people? Yeah, sure. That too.
But we also love Surly because they give us shots and beer. *smooch*

Pete, 10 minutes after downing a shot of Beam and a Leinenkugel at the Surly booth and 5 minutes after Goldsprints with Wiley. He didn't look so good. Luckily, his liquid burp didn't come all the way up and within a half hour he was back to his chipper self.

Ok, this is going to be it for the reports today, even though I have more pics to write about. Double Down bar, a looooong walk from our hotel (like 3 miles) there were Goldsprints. Two bikes, fixed gear, set up on Kreitler trainers and hooked up to a computer that had a display of who's in front. Esentially drag races indoors on bikes, and plenty awesome. They've got Schlitz here too.

SRAM Red cassette. Now we know how it be so light! I didn't get to pick it up, though.

Calfee Spidey bike!

Calfee bamboo 29er. Integrated fenders and rear rack. pretty.

Gorgeous Bruce Gordon bike. Everything handbuilt, including the rack, lights, and brakes.

New Xtracycle V-rack replacements! Put panniers on yer long bike.


Well, they're off. The couple of louses that left me behind to man the fort are on a plane this morning to Vegas. Mr Dna is going to be utilizing some crazy new type of made up technology that will allow him to send photos and posts directly to his blog. Pfffff. whatever. We'll see if that happens. Better check back soon to see if anything crazy shows up here.

Capt E

The Martini. A classic cocktail that has its devotees and it detractors. Some consider any drink with gin (or vodka) and some other flavoring agents to be a "Martini" while purists (like myself) consider anything other than gin and dry vermouth to be decidedly NOT a Martini. Apparently, Hemingway fancied a version of the classic called the Montgomery, a dry Martini made with a 15:1 ratio of gin to vermouth. Nixon favored a 7 to 1 ratio, while Luis Bunuel felt that a proper Martini was made when a glass of gin was placed next to a bottle of vermouth such that sunlight coursing through said vermouth would touch upon the glass of gin. This is remarkably similar to Captain E's recipe for a dry Martini, where one glares menacingly at an empty bottle of dry vermouth whilst stirring gin with ice.
Whatever route you take to happen upon the perfect Martini, please take care to use only gin and not fall prey to the revisionist's version with vodka. Thank you.

Let me tell you about my dinner. This fine concoction, Kraft Mac&Cheese with hot dogs, baked with bread crumbs and cheddar cheese, and eaten with a ketchup topping is one of my all time absolute favorite meals. Now, my friends I have cooked for would probably consider me to be a Gourmand, one step above a Goulu (glutton) and one step below a Friand (epicure), but had I prepared THIS dish for them that contention might be a bit different. Not sure which way. Anyway, give it a shot sometime, just make sure you have the right beverage to go with it. I'm having a 2005 Pepperwood Grove Syrah ($5, Safeway) but any fine malt beverage in a 24 oz or greater size would work just as well. Bon Appetit!.

Damn bike polo. I love bike polo.
So here's a heads up for everyone playing or thinking of playing here in Bozeman. Watch out for the outlets on the walls! They're just about at shoulder height! Nuff said.

Slipping clutches, Bikes, and Beer

Road trip to ride bikes, something for many of us here in Bozeman takes place a few times a year. This time, it was for New Belgium Brewing's Tour de Fat in Missoula. Casey, Wiley and I loaded up the trusty fixed gears in Casey's FourRunner Friday evening and headed west, with visions of full pints dancing in our heads. Unfortunately, enthusiasm trumped preparation as we would find out throughout the weekend. The first hint of this came to us as we started to climb Homestake Pass on the Continental Divide. 5000 rpms at 70 miles per hour in fifth gear immediately presented us with a "one of these don't belong" puzzle as the stench of burning clutch infiltrated itself through the AC system like one of those scent tendrils in a Looney Tunes cartoon. We pull over, scratching our heads and wondering if we can make it to Missoula by the morning on fixed gear bikes. A few tests of clutch disc static friction were next, after allowing everything to cool down a bit. We continued to tentatively head west and up, as there was no place to turn around. With deliberate application of the throttle the clutch seemed to hold just fine, enough to decide to attempt to make it to our destination, which it did.

The next reminder of our poor planning popped up after arriving in Missoula. We stopped at a Safeway to get some food (8 piece box on sale for $5!) and asked a friendly local as to a potential location to park and sleep. She replied with "Rattlesnake Drive" as did some of the bike shop employees did when I called them a few hours earlier. We head on up, and find three trailheads with gates and signs warning against camping. And that's it. Well, there were also plenty of big, fancy houses and hobby ranches, many adjacent to said trailheads. Sleep was beckoning, and we had no desire to all spend the night in the truck. All three of us. No way. Options weighed, we stayed in what appeared to be the most secluded of the trailheads. I woke up to the sounds of shuffling feet around my tent and plate numbers being muttered. (note: a white SUV is pretty visible from the road) Opening the tent flap with a cheerful "Hello!" brought a serious-looking guy over.
  • guy: "You're not supposed to be here, there's signs all over that you had to see..."
  • me: "Gosh, sir, I sure do apologize if we created a nuisance for you."
  • guy: "Well, no, you didn't, but...there's not supposed to be camping here and there's signs everywhere," (at this point the song "Signs" starts going through my head, and unfortunately it's the Tesla version) "...and there's been people up here doing horrible things at this trailhead, and we have to live here." Keep in mind this is sort of like Triple Tree in Bozeman but with more Ponderosa pines.
  • me: "I certainly am sorry. We got in real late last night (true) and there were no vacancies at the hotels (true) we were going to stay in (ok, not really true). Somebody told us about this place and we're just catching a few hours sleep before we head out again. I'm terribly sorry to disturb you, sir."
  • guy: "Well, just don't be surprised when you get a ticket in the mail. You're lucky the Forest Service didn't catch you."
Thankfully, that was not to be a theme for the day.

A hasty packing and trip into town ensued while we were wondering what kinds of horrible things could have gone on up there. Wiley mentioned Father Rapin' but we were unable to remember the accommodating offenses mentioned in Alice's Restaurant. (Mother rapin' and Father stabbin')

In town, got a good parking spot, got coffee and a bagel while Casey worked on waking up for the next hour and a half. We were on our way to Caras Park right next to the river when I heard a "Hey John!!" from the sidewalk. I quickly stopped and hopped on over to find a friend of mine and her sister sauntering along. With some 'Hi's' and hugs I explained why we were in Missoula and with some more 'How are You's?' I learned that Brin's sister Ally is now living in Missoula and we could stay on her floor that night if we wanted to!

We arrived at the Tour de Fat about an hour and a half early, on account of our early wakin', so it was time for a bike ride! There's these nice bike paths going along the river and few things are better for a leisurely morning cruise than nice riverside bike paths. We cruised over a bridge, passed people running, people running with dogs, some transients, all sorts of people. We cruised past the UM stadium while the football types were setting up their party headquarters, including a "private, entry by invitation only" tailgate party, which seemed to me to be counter to the spirit of the tailgate party. But I've never claimed to care about football, so I'm probably missing something. We rode along the Kim Williams trail heading east until I got a flat, borrowed a tube from Casey, and we figured that would be a good time to turn around anyway.
At the park, the festivities were just beginning. Funny bikes, tall bikes, and even a log bike were being ridden around with every costume more entertaining than the last. Local non-profits were there, including a thrift store dressing those unfortunate enough to be without a costume. Sethanol and Elizabeth arrived and we moseyed on to the costume folks with Casey getting a housedress, Seth a pink and white dress, Elizabeth a schoolmarm/librarianesque getup, Wiley a quilted satin skirt and purple soccer jersey, and me a TIGHT yellow/pink/orange floralish shirt and some black/pink/purple capris.

The bike parade through town embarks with two guys with car stereo trailers (and car batteries, presumably) taking their places in the ride to ensure we are always within earshot of tunes. The ride goes well, passersby and motorists both enjoying the scene. All paused along the river as the tall bike crew tested their track racing prowess on the abandoned running track. We continued without incident, basking in the two-wheeled fellowship abounding that morning. Until I got a second flat. And my pump, tube, and patches are home in my messenger bag. Clumsy hands (me) manages to stick the single patch any of us possessed to itself, so a last-ditch effort of cutting and tying the tube was attempted. That held just enough air for me to tighten the axle nuts before it too gave up. Time to walk.

Now, being dressed up in a clashing outfit of tight women's shirt and loose women's capris gave me no concern when in the protection of people dressed in a similar fashion. I was a teensy bit more self-conscious walking down Broadway by myself, dressed like a Linda Richman on mescaline. After ten minutes of this, my angel in a housedress comes astride a black fixie with a whole and intact tube! Thanks, Casey!

Back at the party was standard Tour de Fat fare: Funny bikes to ride, bands, and beer. $4 a pint seemed a bit steep BUT there was no entrance fee and the proceeds went to local cycling groups. At least it kept me from getting drunk.
  • Casey won the Slow Race
  • That fried chicken came in handy
  • Skinny Dip: really good on a hot day
  • The five of us handed out about 300 copies of the Practical Pedal to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic audience
  • Flamethrowing Pogo Sticks!!!
  • Someone traded his car for a bike, getting a custom (and beautiful) Black Sheep commuter equipped with Campy Veloce, Fulcrum wheels, and a snazzy rack and pannier set
That evening, tired from all the fun, we got some revivement with coffee and made our way to Ally's place. After a few hours of chatting, drinking more beer, and playing with Ally's dog Maddie we retired; Casey and me to the floor, Wiley to the narrow sofabed.

The next morning was enjoyed with coffee at Ally's place and more coffee and cheap (but GOOD) day-old bagels at Liquid Planet (there will be a beer-inspired posting aout that in the future). The truck made it back without much clutch slipping. And at this point there's nothing else to write about.

Check out the Tour de Fat if you can. There's one at the New Belgium Brewery in October sometime. Worth the drive.

This is a link to some pictures.

Who's in?

I'm going, are you? Let me know a few days in advance so I can make couch arrangements.

Whats the 1st Rule About Bike Club?

We don't talk about bike club! We just show up, and have an alleycat. Sunday August 26th, a day that will live in infamy, or a least a day that proved that we do have a good thing going. The second summer alleycat in Bozeman was a rolling success. Nigh on 30 participants showed at Cooper park for their chance to claim the victory. A very respectable turnout for a former Montana cow-town.
At first there were groans as to the length of the course but as the racers settled down and started planning their routes it soon became apparent that this course would be one for the records. Its not as easy as you might think to get an alleycat to last more than an hour for the winner and still be less than three for DFL. There were scrapes, brushes with fences, a mishap with a sidewalk exit ramp, but for the most part all faired well. Headwind made a cameo appearance, sauntering in fashionably late, at a brisk 15mph out of the west. For the unlucky fools who chose to take the interstate (I am still laughing about that) from N. 17th to N. 19th I have two words for you "BAXTER LANE".
The winner, the pedal pusher extrodinaire, chief wheelman........Dasiy! Oops, I mean Dallas. Well, he was wearing a dress.

Thanks to all the sponsors, and I mean all. We had alot. Be sure to stop in an thank them for supporting the lunatic fringe......ok, maybe just say thank you for supporting cycling in Bozeman.

To all who missed it, tune in in October.

Pics can be found below

This is a link, click here

Here's another link to pictures.

Prizes galore!

These businesses have so far gotten behind our bicycle tomfoolery by donating some pretty nice prizes (details of which you'll get Sunday evening) and deserve your support and thanks:

Montana Fish Company!
Bangtail Bikes!
Girls Outdoors!
Fleet Feet!
Rocky Creek Farm!
Rockford Coffee!

...and a couple more that I'm still working on.

I've got a bag full of stuff, and only a couple of items are going to the first place winners (men's and women's). That means that you are going to have to succeed in other ways to get a prize or two. I'm thinking Costume. I'm thinking Trackstand comp (and there IS some serious competition!). And don't forget the crowd favorite, the coveted Moxie award. Skids? Ok. Sure. Just be ready to prove yourself, or just be ready to have a helluva lot of fun.

Alleycat this Sunday

Make sure you come by Cooper Park this Sunday, August 26th at 3pm for our next Alleycat. We've got prizes from Montana Fish Company, Fleet Feet, Specialized, Girls Outdoors, and drink specials from 317 after the race. Entry is 5 bucks and you're probably going to need a bag. Free maps can be obtained at the visitor's center on North 7th and a few other places in town. I'd heartily recommend you get one.
See you there, be ready to rock!

New Polo Venue

So it seems that every cloud has a silver lining. When life hands you lemons, make martinis. Every rose has its thorn. Less than one week after having the Man called on us for having fun at Bogert park we now have ourselves a better, dirtier, more subversive venue for our game. The old underground parking garage behind the Baxter, after three nights of sweeping, saw its maiden game played on it this Sunday past. The consensus? A resounding "Fuckin'A!"
Now check out the pictures, and come on by Wednesdays. 7:30 PM (we kinda need the lights).
Check it.

We need your help!

In the interest of having a bike polo venue, we are meeting at the underground parking lot behind the Baxter on Mendenhall this Saturday, August 18th to sweep. Casey and I will be there at 6 PM, and this will be a quick job if people can help. Thanks!

Pub Ride Friday Night!

As some of you know, Evan is leaving our humble burgh of Bozeman for Chicago this weekend. I (and others) think that the only way to properly see him off is with a good, old-fashioned Pub Ride! How's about we start at Spectator's (cause i already agreed to go to a friend's birthday party there) at 8, then head on into town.

Sound good?

8pm Spec's.

p.s. I'm not going to the Eagles. just so you know.


After four weeks of friendly bike polo, four weeks of not causing any problems, four weeks of two-wheeled fellowship somebody finally called to complain about some people having innocent fun. Officially, we are not allowed to play at the Bogert pavilion on Wednesdays and not past 8. We've been playing only on Wednesdays until 9:30. Yes, contrary to the letter of the law, but there exist those who are perpetually displeased with their lives and must drag others down to their level of ongoing misery.
I'll stop there. This level of bitterness is not beneficial to anyone.
So, we are currently on the prowl for a new venue to partake in our innocent and non-malicious bike games. Enter the perennially unused parking garage behind the Baxter hotel. Tonight we swept. Tomorrow we will do the same. Saturday as well, if needed. And Sunday evening, probably around 5, bike polo in Bozeman will resume.
I WILL see you there!

Alleycat Prize Sponsor!

I'm starting something new here. Today, (only about a month late) I'm embarking on a mission to round up sponsors for our next alleycat (August 26th!). So, what my plan is, is to put up a picture and a blurb about every one of these local establishments who support what we do and the greater cycling community.
First, a big thanks to Kevin at Montana Fish Company on Main in downtown Bozeman. Kevin has spent most of his life in the bike world and has generously donated a gift certificate to his store. I'm not going to divulge too much info, you'll just have to come by the race to find out what it is. You should also go there and spend money there.

See you on the 26th!

This is Rob. He works at the shop. Most hats don't fit him too well.

Another test- Here's a shot of my friend Mike in NY trying (not too hard) at being a dork. Yes, he is doing a no-handed trackstand. Yes, he is checking his email or messages or portfolio on his Blackberry.

Oh, Technology!

Test run- I'm trying to set up the blog so that I can set up posts and pictures through my phone.
This makes me happy. A couple of our customers taking a test run on their fully pannier-and-Chariot-trailer equipped Santana tandem. This is what I want to be like when (if) I have a family.

Next Alleycat

This will be quick, because I have to go to work.
Sunday, August 26th, will be the next Alleycat. It will probably start at Cooper Park at 3 like they've been.

OK, see ya there.

Pictures, Bike Polo


Make your plans NOW

Poking around, looking for local bike polo (dis)organizations, I found this from the Warlocks blog in Boise:

That's right, Hellracer 3 is slated for the 27th of October. Last year Bizzle and I had a BLAST racing there. Something that more Bozemanites should experience. So make your plans now. I'm going.

First Night of Bozeman Bike Polo!

This evening, we had our very first night of bike polo, held at the tennis courts at Bogert Park, here in Bozeman. Here's the stats:
14 participants
7 mallets
2 mallets(broken)
1 field hockey ball (thanks, Danielle!)
4 orange pylons, borrowed
1 bent wheel, sort of straightened
1 bent chainring, straigtened
1 thigh, run over
1 Mormon Revival
1 pair of shorts, ripped
countless cuts, nicks, and scratches
at least 36 beers, consumed
...and there's the Harper's style index for tonight.

Fourteen of us showed up at the tennis courts at Bogert Park tonight for Bozeman's first-ever night of hardcourt bike polo. The rules are simple; 3 on 3, keep the mallet in your right hand, no highsticking, mallet below the belly button, tap out if you dab, score only from the end of the mallet. The basics of urban hardcourt bike polo, pretty much. What we got was three hours of two-wheeled mayhem. We played until it got too dark to see the ball well, and had we not been blocked by the Mormon event taking place in the pavilion, we would have been able to keep playing until the lights shut off.
Here's the highlights:
The first few games were a bit tentative. Nobody had really done this before, and nobody knew what to expect. It did not take long for some strategy and style to emerge from the first fledgling swipes at the ball. Before long, teams started to communicate with each other, communicate passing and scoring strategies, and actually play a defensive game rather than just "get the ball". Later on during the night, intimidation became a crucial part of the game, one that involved blocked shots, goals scored, and lots and lots of spectacular wrecks. This could turn into a two-wheeled version of "Fight Club", where participants are showing up at work the next day with new cuts and scrapes covering their bodies. 'Tis okay, it only makes us stronger.
So that's about it. Here's a link to some pics. And a special thanks to Captain E and Stan for donating some ski poles, Danielle for donating the field hockey ball, and Sweetcheeks for helping me to procure orange pylons for goals (while a cop was watching, no less!).
I hope to see you all out next week.
6:30, Bogert Park tennis courts, off of South Church. North of the swimming pool.

OH- I have someone's lock and cable. It's thin and seems to be easy to break. If it's yours, let me know.

Bike Polo Reminder!

Tonight, 6:30. Bogert Park Pavilion, off South Church (by the swimming pool). Bring yourself, a bike that can be beat on a bit, and whatever you want to drink. We'll have the mallets and ball. In the event that the pavilion is in use, we will drive them off..easy, since we'll have MALLETS. Kidding, we'll go to the Tennis court there that doesn't appear to be used for tennis, and if that doesn't work there's always the parking lot on north 17th.
See you there!

new baby!

Not much to write about, just that my new Langster came in today!!!
Number 65 out of about 600, New York edition. Fast. Yellow.

Bike Polo for Bozeman!

So who wants to get together more often than once every 2 months for fixed-gear bike silliness?
Yep, that's what I thought. So I'm in the process of building a buncha mallets for some hardcourt Bike Polo! I'm thinking once a week, Wednesday evenings at 6:30 or so. Bogert park pavilion should work well, at least until we get kicked out. We'll provide the mallets and balls, you bring whatever beer you want to drink. Games will be in the style of urban hardcourt polo, with teams of 3, few rules, and incidental contact common. Just to keep things simple, we're going to start with NY
rules and change them as we need to. Click to check out the BBP myspace page (where updates will be posted regularly) and hopefully see you next Wednesday!

The UnBirthday AlleyCat

It was a hot dusty afternoon, the sun high overhead beating mercilessly down on the pavement. Temps were in the low 90's as we gathered for the Unbirthday Alleycat in Cooper Park on the South side of Bozeman. A Typical Bozeman summer, hot and dry! But at least it wasn't windy. Its hard to talk most locals into sweating on a bike for an hour and a half when they could be floating on the river. But we're Montanan's, we take our weather in extremes.
For all the heat one thing is for sure, we are growing a bike community in Bozeman. There were 18 fools who turned out for the Unbirthday Alley Cat on July 1st. The course this go round was one of hills and dirt with a bit-o-pavement in the middle. With bobbing for carrots(I use the term boobing loosely as carrots don't float), running around the Bozeman Public Library, and in general pedaling your ass off it was a triathacat to be sure. The carrot debacle was simple. Carrots don't float, as I now am fully aware. One had to plunge headlong in to the bucket to get a carrot, usually resulting in being soaked to the sholders. Bigggg props to Molly who enforced the dunking contest.
Two flat tires were incurred, one of which earned Elizabeth the coveted Moxy award. She nearly finished and would have put a fair whoppin on her hubby Sethala too! Dirty Pete had to run an extra mile to fetch some rubber that would roll. Mikey came all the way from NYC to race, he forgot his bike though. He had to throw one together at the last minute and it came out sweeter than a milano cookie. The First place finisher was none other than mrDNA himself Johnny F. We have since determined that he's been on the Juice and his racing licence is in suspension. Sorry F.

Thanks to all who help our events go off. All those who ran stops, danka. Big thanks to Insty Prints Bozeman for the spoke cards, they came out great. If you missed the race, stay tuned. You will have a chance to test your mettle come late August, early September.

Pictures can be found here.




Yes, it has been a long time since I've last posted. Sorry, I've been riding my bike instead of writing about riding my bike. I knew you'd understand.

Now, to the point- Captain E is organizing an alleycat THIS Sunday, July first. Meet at Cooper Park at 3pm and have your $5 ready. A bag will be useful. See you there!

Oh, and how about some women show up this time, OK? We still have prizes that the nice ladies at Gerty gave us for the last race. Someone's gotta win them, and I don't really want to see Seth or Evan or Dallas in anything from that shop. *shudder*.

Alleycat Results

Just a short blurb until I get to writing a full post:

First place men: Captain E
First place women: Why didn't any women show up?!?!
Moxie Award: Gus, for riding a cruiser with 1/2 a handlebar.
Getting the crashing out of the way early award: Casey
Riding a completely inappropriate bike award: John

Wiley's Pictures on The Practical Pedal

Spring Alleycat Update 2

Prizes- We got 'em! Thanks to the local businesses that gave up some support: Barrel Mountaineering, Gerty, 317 pub, Plonk, Bad Taste, and Bangtail Bikes. Entry will include an afternoon of hot racing and maybe a little somethin' else.
See you Sunday!

Butter #1

Tubes are here! Tubes are here! Yay!

Spring Alleycat-Update!

OK, the next alleycat is a go. Sunday, April 29th meet at 2:00 PM for the 'Aint no Hollaback Alleycat'. Entry is $5. We've got some great prizes lined up from Plonk, Gerty, and Bad Taste as well as some others I'm working on.
Winning will get you some booty, but there's more to it than that. There's the ongoing Moxie award (currently held by Captain E) and others as we see fit. So come and race anyway, even if you're riding a cruiser.
We meet at 2PM at Cooper Park. Make sure you have a bag (or some other means of carrying stuff) and a writing implement. HINT.
As always, any kind of bikes are welcome. Geared, Fixed, Single Speed, Mountain, Road, Trike, Tallbike, whatever.

Special Thanks to local businesses who are excited to be involved by donating prizes. Show your thanks by supporting them.

Pete's First Bike

Here's some pics of Pete's first shot at building his own frame. He made a track-geometry fixed-gear, nice lugged steel frame and fork. He built the wheels with orange Velocity Deep-V rims and NJS-stamped Dura-Ace hubs, Sugino crankset, and a Nitto track bar. I'd say it is a success. Nice job, Pete.
More pictures here.

1st Alleycat of the Season

Ok, Everyone (aka you two). Sunday, April 29th is the next Alleycat. Location:TBD. Entry: TBD, probably around $5. Time: around 2 pm. I still gotta go around and beg for prizes and booze. I also would like to know who is (or knows someone) willing to work a stop. That pretty much means standing and signing manifests. It might mean sitting in a bar handing out drinks. Leave a comment if you're interested. Thanks.

Beyond T-Shirts

Hey everyone- I'd like for you all to meet the newest member of the greater Bicycle Community. This little guy showed up on our doorstep a few days ago and doesn't seem like he's leaving anytime soon.
Everyone, meet Butter Bikes.
Butter Bikes, meet Everyone.

Butter is destined for great things. More than a simple bike company, it's a method of living that minimizes one's impact on the Earth while maximizing one's enjoyment in transportation. There's going to be bikes; cool, fun, innovative ones. But there's also going to be fun shirts like from our friends at BZNDesigns, smart bike accessories, and maybe even some yummy recipes.

You know, cuz Butter makes it Better.

The plan is to chronicle the growth of a collection of good ideas into a bike company, one that has a real desire to improve our World by starting with the community.
Check back often, and check out the Butter Bikes blog.

Hey! Another one!

Sorry, this one's not on any shirts yet. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks in advance.