With My Own Two Wheels

I just saw this documentary on the MSU campus and it is great. It is not preachy, it simply shows how much a bike can change peoples' lives.

If you got 43 minutes, here it is:

Virginia Mountain Biking

This video has poor dubbing describing a mostly backcountry ride through Virgina's mountains. The idea is to create something similar to The Colorado Trail in Virginia, promoting conservation and recreation. The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail (which they don't exactly say is finished) consists mainly of singletrack, is 480 miles long,climbs 65,000 feet and took them 12 days to complete.

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail from Scott Wootten on Vimeo.

Chainless BMX

This video is of Florent Soulas destroying everything in his path without the use of a chain. By taking the chain off he essentially gets a freecoaster hub (allowing one to be moving backwards without having their cranks move with the rear cog) without the cost of one. The drawback would be that you really don't have a conventional way of moving forward, unless you pump really aggressively (min 1:35-1:47). Which is pretty much what Soulas does during the video


0:32  180 to backwards manual to 180 forwards manual to 360 out
3:24 180 onto ledge to fakie turndown

Florent Soulas Chainless from adrien delaforcade on Vimeo.

Specialized Enduro

I am resistant to post a video that is promoting a specific product. However, Matt Hunter is riding this specific product and I think that makes it ok.