Bozeman’s Fourth Annual Bicycle Count, Sept 2014 - Volunteers Needed

It is time for Bozeman’s fourth annual bicycle count to be held on Tues. Sept 9Wed Sept 10th and Thurs Sept 11 from 5 to 7 pm. Volunteers counted over 4700 bicyclists at 12 locations in 2011, over 5500 bicyclists at 15 locations in 2012 and over 6400 bicyclists at 15 locations in 2013!

Please volunteer a few hours to document bicycle use and promote improved bike facilities.  Sign up here to volunteer.

After you sign up, we will email you count forms/ directions and will set up a time to meet in person to answer any questions.  Please share this link with friends who may want to get involved in creating a more bicycle friendly Bozeman.

Thank you!
BABAB (Bozeman Area Bike Advisory Board)