June Alleycat Series

June Alleycat Series

Bozeman cyclists, prepare your legs and lungs for a series of short alleycat bicycle races to be held once every week in the month of June, 2010.  Four organizers, four races, for awesomesauce. 

The first race in the series will be held Monday, June 7th, 7:00pm.  Meet atop the downtown parking garage, attain a manifest from the man in the straw cowboy hat, and then immediately proceed to ride your bicycle like hell.  

Information about the following week's alleycat will be posted to The Bozeman Fix blog prior to the event so stay tuned, and tell your friends, enemies, and mothers. 

Bike to Work Week and Bozeman Bike Kitchen ReCYCLE drive

Bozeman is celebrating Bike to Work Week in typical Bozeman style, with many of our beloved small businesses sponsoring B2WW stops. To kick off B2WW, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is having a ReCYCLE DRIVE on Saturday May 15th from 10am to 2pm.

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is a community cycling cooperative dedicated to making practical cycling accessible to members of the Bozeman community by providing shop space and mechanical support to the Bozeman area on a donation/volunteer basis. They also provide donated bicycles to individuals in need as identified by local charitable organizations such as The Gallatin Valley Food Bank and the Bozeman Human Resources Development Council.

If you have an old, unused, but quality bicycle laying around that could be a serviceable means of transportation for a member of the community, you can donate it to the BBK, and they will re-purpose it and allocate it to one in need of a cost effective, sustainable means of getting around.

In addition to the ReCYCLE Drive, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is also hosting a B2WW stop, along with Bangtail Bike and Ski and International Coffee Traders.

Like bikes? Like riding bikes? Ride your bike to work, and celebrate next week by telling all of your friends to do the same.

Get the Bike Love and Live the Bike Life.

Reverend Phil needs YOUR help!

Ok, kids. If this is gonna happen it needs to happen fast.
I got a call and an email this weekend in response to an email I sent to him a year an a half ago. The subject? Bike porn. And no, not bike porn like guys hucking cliffs and fixie guys skidding past trolleys. This is about bikes. And porn. Beautiful bikes and beautiful riders. And naughty bits. Smut.
Reverend Phil from Portland will be coming through Bozeman the weekend at the end of Bike Week (perfect timing) with all the ingredients to put on a shocking, titillating show. All he needs is a venue. I'm not going to be here this weekend and I'm helping out with The Dirt Concern's showing of Follow Me, so I really can't help in the manner that's needed. Can anyone else in Bozeman do it? Do you know someone who knows someone? Try. Hard.


My friend Reverend Phil will be coming through Bozeman on May 24th,
and he's looking for a place to screen Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound, a
collaborative erotic bicycle film project out of Portland, Oregon.
I'm sure you're the kind of go-getters who have a million things on
the go at once, but if you're feeling sassy and zany and willing to
put together a screening very soon, I'd kiss your feet.

More info!

Bike Porn. It is exactly what it sounds like: Bikes + Porn. Some of
it is erotic, some of it is playful, some of it is straight-up
fucking, and all of it is delightfully dissenting and titillating for
bike lovers of all desires, identities, and bodies. The thought of
having Bike Porn tour through one of Montana's most badass bike-loving
cities without stopping for a screening is kind of heartbreaking and
distressing. May 24th is soon, I know, but its totally possible. Can
you help us? Will you?

Here's a little more info to inspire you!...

Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound is the newest collaborative film project put
together by Rev. Phil Sano of Portland, Oregon. It is a collection of
short erotic films made by inspired cyclists from across the US and
Canada. It is creative, clever, funny, and aware!

For the past three years they have toiled to bring progressive ideas
about sexuality and transportation forward. These days just about
anyone can make a movie, but actually getting it shown in front of an
audience is much more difficult. We take those strong, independent
voices and give them a platform to share their ideas about the
connections between sex and bicycling.

Here's how one of our interns put it:

Bike Porn is civic

"Current political policies are designed to repress sexual expression
and transportation choice. The Bike Porn film festival challenges that
trend by enthusiastically displaying the quality of creative
expression and the amount of fun inherent to both bicycling and sex.
Both activities are worthy elements of a healthy lifestyle and a
pleasant quality of life." - Jeffrey Jacobson

Starting in February 2010, the Backlash Tour is taking us more than
10,000 miles to visit some 60 cities across the USA and Canada in 100
days. It is quite a challenge, but since we don't sell DVDs this is
the only way to share the movies while keeping the filmmakers'

The thoughtful pacing of the program and live performances draw people
in at the beginning and get the audience on their feet when it is
done. It is quite an exhilarating experience.

What we are talking about is an LBGTQ and hetero-friendly program of
progressive bike sexuality. Yes, it really is that amazing.

Our host Lauren Warbeck of Victoria BC had this to say:

"Speaking from experience (I've played a part in hosting the past two
bike porn screenings here in Victoria), I can say that it introduced
something new and transformative into our bike community, and really
brought people together. Since that first screening, members of our
community have created a number of films that are now included in the
collaboration, and its spurred a huge amount of bike filmmaking in
general as well. Organizing a screening takes some work, but not much.
And its worth the rewards for yourself and your bike community ten
times over."

So if you think you can help us organize a screening in Bozemen let's do it!

Email me with any comments, questions, or inspired rants. i've
attached a little "How-To Organize a Bike Porn Screening" to give you
some idea of what you'll need to do

reverend phil
is on the backlash tour
50 cities, 10,000 miles, 100 days

Official Hardcourt Bike Polo Rules Determined

An organization known as the League of Bike Polo was formed over the past year and is becoming the defacto legislating body of Hardcourt Bike Polo. Recently an official set of rules was published and I agree with some of them but prefer our Bozeman-specific rules to others. What are everyone's thoughts?

North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Rules
1 - Teams will consist of three players on the court at one time.
    1.1 - You may have substitutes as long as they are not playing on another team in the tournament.
    1.2 - A substitute may only be made during a break after a goal is scored.
    1.3 - All players on a team will wear distinctive matching colors.
    1.4 - If in the opinion of the referee the colours of the two competing teams are so alike as to lead to confusion, the team lower in the draw shall be instructed to play in some other colour. 
2 - Any common type of Bicycle is allowed. (bmx, road, track, mountain bike)
    2.1 - Must have at least one mechanism for stopping. (ie: handbrake, fixed wheel)
    2.2 - Handlebars MUST be plugged. 
    2.3 - No exposed chainrings, pegs, or other protrusions. These must be covered or removed if they present a safety hazard.
    2.4 - You may not add anything to the bicycle to help block shots (ie: a bar under your BB, or netting in the front triangle) with the exception of wheel covers.
    2.5 - Helmets are mandatory.
3 - Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side & round end. (Modified ski poles, and plastic pipe are the most common materials.)
    3.1 - The head of the mallet will be a maximum of 18 cm (7 inches) in length and 2.5 inches in Diameter (outside diameter) .
    3.2 - The Head of the mallet must not have any sharp edges.
    3.3 - The handle end of the mallet MUST be plugged.
4 - The ball will be a street hockey ball.
    4.1 - The ball will not be a liquid filled ball
5 - The Goals will be nets.
    5.1 - The opening of the net will be 180 cm (72") and the height will be 80 cm (32 inches) (measured between the inside edges of the posts.)
6 - Courts will be of a hard surface. (usually concrete or pavement)
    6.1 - Boards of at least 40 cm (16 inches) in height must surround the court to keep the ball in play.
    6.2 - The minimum court size will be 30.5m X 15.25m (100' X 50') (Tennis court or basketball court) and maximum size will be 60m X 26m (200' X 85') (NHL rink)
    6.3 - There will be a minimum of 3 meters (10 feet) between the goal line and the back boards.
General Rules of Play
7 - Start of a game:
    7.1 - Each team will begin behind his/her own goal line.
    7.2 - The ball will be positioned at center court.
    7.3 - Play will begin with a "3 - 2 - 1 - Go" from the sideline.
8 - Scoring a goal must be made with what started as a "shot"
    8.1 - a "shot" is defined as a ball that is struck with the end of the players mallet. wrist shots, or scoop shots are not considered a "shot"
    8.2 - "Ball dragging" is allowed, however the ball must be passed before a goal can be scored.
    8.2 - a "shuffle" is defined as a ball that is striked with the side of the mallet.
    8.3 - a ball that is "shuffled" into the goal does not count as a goal. 
    8.4 - if a ball is "shuffled" into the goal the defending team will get possession of the ball. 
    8.5 - if a player scores on his own goal in any fashion (shot or shuffle) it will count as a goal for the opposition.
    8.6 - If the ball becomes lodged against a player, bicycle, or spokes in such a way that it cannot be dropped immediately, the play will be stopped. The ball will be placed on the ground. The person it was lodged on will get possession, and play will resume.
9 - After a goal is scored:
    9.1 - The team that scored returns to their half of the court.
    9.2 - The team that was scored upon gets possession of the ball.
    9.3 - Play will not resume until both teams have returned to their half of court.
    9.4 - The defending team may not attack until the ball or an offensive player has crossed half court.
10 - Players must not touch the ground, or "Dab"
    10.1 - A "dab" is if the player puts his foot on any horizontal surface. (the ground, his mallethead, a bike, the ball, another player.) 
    10.2 - The ball cannot be played with the feet, kicking the ball will be counted as a "dab"
    10.3 - Each time a player "dabs" That player is out of play,  and may not interfere with the ball or other players until they "tap in"
    10.4 - If a dabbed player stops a shot from going into the net at the ref's discretion it may be ruled a goal. This means if there is no doubt in the ref's mind that the ball would have went in, it will be ruled a goal. If the ref is not sure if it would have went in or not, it will not be ruled a goal.
    10.5 - The "Tap in" area will be at center along either side of the court. 
    10.6 - If a player crashes or falls off his bike the play will continue unless the referee is of the opinion that the player is injured.
11 - Games are played to five points
    11.1 - If there are time constraints games may be timed. In this case the game will stop at a set time, or five points whichever comes first.
    11.2 - The minimum time for a timed game will be 12 minutes.
    11.3 - In a timed game the clock will stop when there is a goal and restart when play resumes. (to prevent a team from running down the clock to maintain a lead)
    11.4 - In a timed game if the game is tied at the end of the time, the ball will be reset (as in Rule 7) and the game will become sudden death (first goal wins)
Contact Rules
12 - Body contact is allowed. 
    12.1 - holding (with hands, elbows, or mallets) is not allowed 
    12.2 - Pushing with the hands is not allowed.
    12.3 - Mallet to mallet contact is allowed. (however it is poor etiquite to hit another players mallet if he is not playing the ball or in front of the goal.)
    12.4 - Mallet to body contact is not allowed.
    12.5 - Mallet to bike contact is not allowed.
    12.6 - Body to bike contact is not allowed.
    12.7 - Bike to bike contact is not allowed. (incidental contact/blocking is fine. deliberate hitting or T-boning is not)
    12.8 - Intent to injure another player is not allowed.
13 - Throwing of mallets is not allowed at any time, in any situation.
    13.1 - If a thrown mallet stops a ball from going through the goal the referee may use his discretion to call the play a goal. (see 10.3)
14 - Kicking is not allowed.
15 - Trash talking is allowed. Trash on the courts is not allowed.
16 - There will be a goal judge at each end of the court to rule on goals.
    16.1 - Goal judges will be responsible for resetting nets that are knocked out of place.
    16.2 - If a net is out of place, the goal will be considered the space on the court where the net would normally be sitting.
17 - A referee will enforce the rules.
    17.1 - If a player does not "tap in" or violates a contact rule the referee will issue the offending player a "yellow card"
    17.2 - issuing a "yellow card" or warning will not stop the play of the game.
    17.3 - When a player is issued a "yellow card" they will be required to tap in. They may not interfere with the ball or other players until they tap in.
    17.4 - a player may receive two "yellow cards" after that the player will recieve a "red card"
    17.5 - a referee may use his discretion to give a player a "red card" at any time. (in other words you can receive a red card without receiving any prior yellow cards.)
    17.6 - if a player receives a "red card" play will be stopped. The offending player will be ejected from the remainder of the game, and the non-offending team will get possession of the ball.
    17.7 - Should any incident or question arise that is not provided for in the rules the referee will rule on the matter.
    17.8 - Decisions of the referee will be final.
18 - A timekeeper will keep track of time if required, and will keep track of the score.
Time Outs
18 - There are no timeouts until a goal is scored.
    18.1 - After a goal is scored a short time out can be called for a mechanical, or water, etc.
    18.2 - If the ball goes out of play, the game will be paused until the ball can be retrieved. The defending team will then get possession of the ball, and play will be resumed.
    18.3 - a timeout will automatically be called by the referee in the event of a serious injury.
Rule Changes
19 - All major North American and Regional tournaments will use these rules.
    19.1 - The rules will remain unchanged for each year. With the exception of rules that are deemed urgent to protect player safety.
    19.2 - Any suggestions, modifications, additions, or deletions of rules can be submitted to the rules comittee and once per year they will be reviewed and rules will be modified accordingly.
    19.3 - The rules will be posted at www.leagueofbikepolo.com

Cold Blows the Wind Over My True Love

The North Wind Doth Blow.  A nursery rhyme.

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing. 

Perhaps the robin should have joined us for some wintry, windy bicycle polo on a typical blustry May day in Bozeman, Montana. Ryan and Chelsea
Photo © John Friedrich, 2010

Too much ballance!

This video is just too sexy that I couldn't resist posting it. You gotta love all aspects of cycling, and it's hard for anyone to not appreciate this video.

Test shots - Travis Collier from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

This is RAD!

This is totally rad! Accept for the fact that Red Bull is now tapping into the "extreme" sport of velo. It had to happen eventually.

Red Bull Minidrome from Radar Films on Vimeo.

The real question is... When are we building one of these!!!!!