4:PLAY Bicycle Pr0n

Who's interested in a Bozeman showing of Rev Phil's 4:PLAY, because the possibility is very real, and can happen very soon.  Drop a comment.

One for the tech- geeks.

I couldn't help but post this video. I know most people in Bozeman aren't thinking about road riding right now, but you will be after watching this video. 

One more speed! Campagnolo stuff is so sexy!

Bozeman Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Questionnaire

Jeff Oatley and the Arrowhead 135

Jeff Oatley won the Arrowhead 135 (again) and was invited to the Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) which is limited to 50 racers, who may choose a mode of travel (bike, ski, or hike) and a race distance (350 miles to McGrath, or 1100 miles to Nome). 

Here's an article about this crazy dude and his sweet rig:

Bike Lights Make Your Sick Skillz More Visible

Valentines Alleycat

Valentine's Day Alleycat
Bozeman, MT
6:30pm - Saturday, February 12th, 2011
Meet in the alley behind 12 N. Wilson
Bring $4.00 to enter and be sure to Dress to Impress!

OBEY: Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown (July 14, 1944 – February 4, 2008)