No Polo Tonight.

Unless you want to go play with yourself. 'Cuz I don't think anyone else is going to be there.


Savages In This Town

I got an email this morning from Ian:

My roommate's Masi was deprived of its wheels last night. The frame was not taken, although unlocked. I think the reason the thief left the frame was due to the "custom" paint job.

Put the word out, not too many people have white deep-v wheels


Good thing (for the thief) we don't live in Wyoming:

And while we're on the subject of bike thief related stickers:

Keep your eyes peeled

Heck Yeah.

Nine players. Three Taco'd wheels. Three mallets caught in wheels. Three times I hit the ground. Three new guys. One broken mallet. One damn great night of bike polo.

Next week, same time and place. More people = more heckling = more fun. Come on down, it's a great time. We'll even let you use our mallets and bikes (for a while- then you gotta build your own).


Hardcourt Bicycle Polo

Hardcourt Bicycle Polo
Wednesday Nights - 6:00 pm*
Hawthorne School at Rouse and Mendenhall

*I redundantly request that you also be there as well.

Pre-Swap Special!

This weekend the Gallatin Valley Bike Club is holding their annual Bike Swap at the fairgrounds. You can drop off bikes on Friday night and if you're looking to buy show up on Saturday morning. If you're a GVBC member you get in an hour before the rest of the unwashed masses. It costs $10 to join. Seems worth it to me.

Anyway, the point of this post. I have a small apartment. I share this apartment with seven bikes (honestly, the best roommates I've yet had). I'd like a bit more room so I've decided to bring the bike I ride the least to the swap- my Cannondale Cyclocross bike. This sassy little number is all hot to trot in her sultry red paint and Avid BB7 disc brakes. I've enhanced the already stellar braking by bumping the front rotor to a 7". Like any hot-blooded trailer park princess this baby's fast and has no problems letting everyone know it. She's got a Girl-Next-Door charm to her with Tiagra drivetrain but a hint of foreign mystique emanates from her Velocity Deep-Vs. Between her unyielding frame and Specialized Houffalize tires she'll run you ragged and begging for more. Oh yeah. This honey's well-proportioned with her 54cm seat tube, 55cm top tube, and 120mm stem.

All this, and I'm asking $1000. It goes to the swap at $1100. If you're interested in an unrelentingly fast 'cross specific bike (none of this 'freeroad' crap here) and you're about 5'7" to about 5'11" shoot me an email. It's at the shop until 6pm tomorrow night. I'd say it's got about 500-600 miles on it.


Spotted at the Montana Beer Festival

Send this Jackass an email.

This guy seems to think bikes don't belong on the road. The comments are amusing since he is pretty much being berated up one side and down the other.

You can send this asshat an email at

I have no words for this level of stupidity.


Spring Returns, Get Back On the Bikes!

Here we are, back to the time of year when we start to (maybe a little hastily) don the sandals and shorts. This is also when we start to get excited about the coming season.
We've got a few things going on in the Bozeman bike community that I find especially titillating. The Bozeman Bike Kitchen has a great new space. The Montana Mountain Bike Alliance is actively advocating for protecting the wild lands surrounding us. This summer brings a stage race with Main Street sprints and there's also a 500 mile super endurance race.
We've also got some fun in store. Remember the awesomeness of Bike Polo? Yeah, that's right. It's returning with a vengeance next Wednesday. Show up at the basketball court behind the Hawthorne school. 6pm to start, maybe going a bit later in the summer.
Oh, there's more. Late Summer into early Fall we'll be starting up our Clunker Downhill "races". Get an old cruiser at a yard sale, make it work, and we'll meet up at Moser for some ridiculous fun riding inappropriate bikes on trails and gravel roads.
And don't forget about Rockysprints. Save for a few special events through the year there's only three more. Just imagine drag racing, except in a bar. Instead of explaining it, just check it out here.

Sound good? I thought so.


p.s. There will also be alleycats. If you have to ask, big man...well...just stay tuned.

Bozeman Hardcourt Bike Polo

Wednesday, April 15th, 6pm 'til it's dark
Hawthorne School at Rouse and Mendenhall
C'mon down - - unless it's raining - - then don't bother

Rockysprints Return This Sunday

After a lengthy absence we will be putting on Rockysprints this Sunday, April 5th. Still at 317, Still $2.50 Sierra Nevada specials for anyone racing. No more Monday nights.

3pm, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY at 317. See you there.