Badass downhill

More badass urban downhill from Chile...

Halloween Alleycat 2013 - An Epic Bike Saga

Friday, November 1st, 2013
Bogert Park Pavillion
$5 Entry

Prizes for:
1st and 2nd place racers, and for best costume
Proceeds go to Bozeman Bike Kitchen
Bike lights are encouraged

How to be a Mountain Biker

Just in case you haven't seen this one already....


Yes, You Can Actually Affect Change In Politics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, big government, no new taxes, thousand points of light, screw Bachmann, etc.  I get it.  Big government is far off and seemingly intangible, but LOCAL government is real, it's next door, it's downtown, it's everywhere around you.

The Bozeman Mayor and City Commissioners are very accessible people who listen closely to those who have appointed them.  And you, yes YOU have a voice in our upcoming election.  If you're interested in hearing from those who are up for election visit the upcoming Candidate's Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Where: City Commission room of City Hall
When: 6:45pm on Oct. 22nd

  1. The moderator welcomes the candidates and the audience. She will identify the candidates by name and according to the office and term sought.
  2. The moderator explains the evening's format and rules.        

  1. Each candidate will have up to 1½ minutes to introduce him/herselfand explain his/her qualifications and why he/she would like to be elected.
  2. Each candidate will answer one question that has been provided in advance. This will be timed at 2 minutes.
  3. The forum will be opened to questions from the audience.  Questions can be directed to one candidate or more. Each candidate will have a chance to answer, however, whether or not identified by the questioner.
  4. Each candidate will have 2 minutes for a closing statement. 

  1. The timer will let each candidate know when he or she has one-half minute remaining, and no time remaining. Candidates will be asked to finish promptly when the time is up.
  2. While candidates will not be so closely timed in answering questions from the audience, the moderator will remind candidates of time constraints if answers get long.
  3. The moderator will ask members of the audience to pose questionswithout comments-i.e., editorializing. The forum is designed to hear candidates' views and not the audience's.
  4. The audience will have the option to ask questions verbally themselves or they can write their questions on cards for the moderator to ask.  The first part of the forum will be verbal questions and the latter part will use the written questions.
  5. If a member of the audience asks that a question be answered yes or no,the candidates will be allowed to qualify or explain their answers. The forum is meant to help voters understand the candidates' positions, not force candidates to select answers they don't feel comfortable about.
  6. If questions or answers become repetitive or courtesy is not shown, the moderator will intervene.
And remember to put your leg over your bicycle, head to your local polling place and ROCK THE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 5TH!

Vertical loop on a bike?

This is a weird one to understand with the whole physics thing, but it's worth watching. I'm sure that you've never seen this happen on a bike.