Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime. Your Bozeman Gravel Fix.

The third annual Morganzo 55 is on for 2014. Meet at 9am, August 17th at the corner of Dry Creek & Theisen Roads north of Belgrade. A few "classes" of folks are expected to turnout so whether you're there to race, ride, or leisure about you're in for a treat along 55 miles of gorgeous gravel complete with heavenly views of the Bridger Mountain Range.
  • No entry fee.
  • No support.
  • First one done gets first crack at the beer.
Bring a friend. Bring two friends. Carpool if at all possible. Park close together in the two small gravel areas located at the junction of Dry Creek and Theisen Roads. Expect a very short section of asphalt (gasp!) at the start of the Morganzo but then a solid few hours of gravel to follow.

Cue sheets will be provided at the start and there will be some veteran riders on the course should you wish to follow. Road quality in these parts varies from regularly graded gravel to rutted, impassable when wet farm roads. This year's finish line has been moved back approximately 2/10ths of a mile to avoid a small section of asphalt with high speed auto traffic but is within sight of the parking area.

Questions, comments, flames? Send an email to the address located at the bottom left of this page.

Stolen Bike Alert - Scott Aspect 940

STOLEN BIKE ALERT: "My sister and her husband were riding last night and she took a spill. When her husband set his bike down to help her someone stole it from the SE corner of Main and 11th.

It's a Scott Aspect 940 Serial number is AS21217984 If you happen across it... Thanks in advance! And I hope your world is great!"

If you have information to share about this stolen bicycle please send an email to the address located toward the bottom left side of our page.

Symbiotic Shredder Society - Round One

If you’re in bozeman this Sunday evening, you won’t want to miss this.
 Rigid bikes only, downhill time trials on local trails.  Got questions?
Ping @buckproducts or @sklarbikes