Who's in?

I'm going, are you? Let me know a few days in advance so I can make couch arrangements.

Whats the 1st Rule About Bike Club?

We don't talk about bike club! We just show up, and have an alleycat. Sunday August 26th, a day that will live in infamy, or a least a day that proved that we do have a good thing going. The second summer alleycat in Bozeman was a rolling success. Nigh on 30 participants showed at Cooper park for their chance to claim the victory. A very respectable turnout for a former Montana cow-town.
At first there were groans as to the length of the course but as the racers settled down and started planning their routes it soon became apparent that this course would be one for the records. Its not as easy as you might think to get an alleycat to last more than an hour for the winner and still be less than three for DFL. There were scrapes, brushes with fences, a mishap with a sidewalk exit ramp, but for the most part all faired well. Headwind made a cameo appearance, sauntering in fashionably late, at a brisk 15mph out of the west. For the unlucky fools who chose to take the interstate (I am still laughing about that) from N. 17th to N. 19th I have two words for you "BAXTER LANE".
The winner, the pedal pusher extrodinaire, chief wheelman........Dasiy! Oops, I mean Dallas. Well, he was wearing a dress.

Thanks to all the sponsors, and I mean all. We had alot. Be sure to stop in an thank them for supporting the lunatic fringe......ok, maybe just say thank you for supporting cycling in Bozeman.

To all who missed it, tune in in October.

Pics can be found below

This is a link, click here

Here's another link to pictures.

Prizes galore!

These businesses have so far gotten behind our bicycle tomfoolery by donating some pretty nice prizes (details of which you'll get Sunday evening) and deserve your support and thanks:

Montana Fish Company!
Bangtail Bikes!
Girls Outdoors!
Fleet Feet!
Rocky Creek Farm!
Rockford Coffee!

...and a couple more that I'm still working on.

I've got a bag full of stuff, and only a couple of items are going to the first place winners (men's and women's). That means that you are going to have to succeed in other ways to get a prize or two. I'm thinking Costume. I'm thinking Trackstand comp (and there IS some serious competition!). And don't forget the crowd favorite, the coveted Moxie award. Skids? Ok. Sure. Just be ready to prove yourself, or just be ready to have a helluva lot of fun.

Alleycat this Sunday

Make sure you come by Cooper Park this Sunday, August 26th at 3pm for our next Alleycat. We've got prizes from Montana Fish Company, Fleet Feet, Specialized, Girls Outdoors, and drink specials from 317 after the race. Entry is 5 bucks and you're probably going to need a bag. Free maps can be obtained at the visitor's center on North 7th and a few other places in town. I'd heartily recommend you get one.
See you there, be ready to rock!

New Polo Venue

So it seems that every cloud has a silver lining. When life hands you lemons, make martinis. Every rose has its thorn. Less than one week after having the Man called on us for having fun at Bogert park we now have ourselves a better, dirtier, more subversive venue for our game. The old underground parking garage behind the Baxter, after three nights of sweeping, saw its maiden game played on it this Sunday past. The consensus? A resounding "Fuckin'A!"
Now check out the pictures, and come on by Wednesdays. 7:30 PM (we kinda need the lights).
Check it.

We need your help!

In the interest of having a bike polo venue, we are meeting at the underground parking lot behind the Baxter on Mendenhall this Saturday, August 18th to sweep. Casey and I will be there at 6 PM, and this will be a quick job if people can help. Thanks!

Pub Ride Friday Night!

As some of you know, Evan is leaving our humble burgh of Bozeman for Chicago this weekend. I (and others) think that the only way to properly see him off is with a good, old-fashioned Pub Ride! How's about we start at Spectator's (cause i already agreed to go to a friend's birthday party there) at 8, then head on into town.

Sound good?

8pm Spec's.

p.s. I'm not going to the Eagles. just so you know.


After four weeks of friendly bike polo, four weeks of not causing any problems, four weeks of two-wheeled fellowship somebody finally called to complain about some people having innocent fun. Officially, we are not allowed to play at the Bogert pavilion on Wednesdays and not past 8. We've been playing only on Wednesdays until 9:30. Yes, contrary to the letter of the law, but there exist those who are perpetually displeased with their lives and must drag others down to their level of ongoing misery.
I'll stop there. This level of bitterness is not beneficial to anyone.
So, we are currently on the prowl for a new venue to partake in our innocent and non-malicious bike games. Enter the perennially unused parking garage behind the Baxter hotel. Tonight we swept. Tomorrow we will do the same. Saturday as well, if needed. And Sunday evening, probably around 5, bike polo in Bozeman will resume.
I WILL see you there!

Alleycat Prize Sponsor!

I'm starting something new here. Today, (only about a month late) I'm embarking on a mission to round up sponsors for our next alleycat (August 26th!). So, what my plan is, is to put up a picture and a blurb about every one of these local establishments who support what we do and the greater cycling community.
First, a big thanks to Kevin at Montana Fish Company on Main in downtown Bozeman. Kevin has spent most of his life in the bike world and has generously donated a gift certificate to his store. I'm not going to divulge too much info, you'll just have to come by the race to find out what it is. You should also go there and spend money there.

See you on the 26th!

This is Rob. He works at the shop. Most hats don't fit him too well.

Another test- Here's a shot of my friend Mike in NY trying (not too hard) at being a dork. Yes, he is doing a no-handed trackstand. Yes, he is checking his email or messages or portfolio on his Blackberry.

Oh, Technology!

Test run- I'm trying to set up the blog so that I can set up posts and pictures through my phone.
This makes me happy. A couple of our customers taking a test run on their fully pannier-and-Chariot-trailer equipped Santana tandem. This is what I want to be like when (if) I have a family.

Next Alleycat

This will be quick, because I have to go to work.
Sunday, August 26th, will be the next Alleycat. It will probably start at Cooper Park at 3 like they've been.

OK, see ya there.

Pictures, Bike Polo


Make your plans NOW

Poking around, looking for local bike polo (dis)organizations, I found this from the Warlocks blog in Boise:

That's right, Hellracer 3 is slated for the 27th of October. Last year Bizzle and I had a BLAST racing there. Something that more Bozemanites should experience. So make your plans now. I'm going.