The Lords of Fun

It's weird to give yourself a nickname, but the FBM guys have well earned being the"Lords of Fun." Enjoy.

The Copenhagen Wheel

This looks like it could be a cool way to get more people on bikes. And at $700 it's far cheaper than a carbon frame.

More info here:

Deep Purple Never Sounded So Good

Pedaling Nowhere: New Fave Blog

My new favorite bike blog is Pedaling Nowhere.

Check it out. Beautifully rendered, well written, and it sorts through all those vimeo cycling vids and picks out the good ones to share.

Badass downhill

More badass urban downhill from Chile...

Halloween Alleycat 2013 - An Epic Bike Saga

Friday, November 1st, 2013
Bogert Park Pavillion
$5 Entry

Prizes for:
1st and 2nd place racers, and for best costume
Proceeds go to Bozeman Bike Kitchen
Bike lights are encouraged

How to be a Mountain Biker

Just in case you haven't seen this one already....


Yes, You Can Actually Affect Change In Politics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, big government, no new taxes, thousand points of light, screw Bachmann, etc.  I get it.  Big government is far off and seemingly intangible, but LOCAL government is real, it's next door, it's downtown, it's everywhere around you.

The Bozeman Mayor and City Commissioners are very accessible people who listen closely to those who have appointed them.  And you, yes YOU have a voice in our upcoming election.  If you're interested in hearing from those who are up for election visit the upcoming Candidate's Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Where: City Commission room of City Hall
When: 6:45pm on Oct. 22nd

  1. The moderator welcomes the candidates and the audience. She will identify the candidates by name and according to the office and term sought.
  2. The moderator explains the evening's format and rules.        

  1. Each candidate will have up to 1½ minutes to introduce him/herselfand explain his/her qualifications and why he/she would like to be elected.
  2. Each candidate will answer one question that has been provided in advance. This will be timed at 2 minutes.
  3. The forum will be opened to questions from the audience.  Questions can be directed to one candidate or more. Each candidate will have a chance to answer, however, whether or not identified by the questioner.
  4. Each candidate will have 2 minutes for a closing statement. 

  1. The timer will let each candidate know when he or she has one-half minute remaining, and no time remaining. Candidates will be asked to finish promptly when the time is up.
  2. While candidates will not be so closely timed in answering questions from the audience, the moderator will remind candidates of time constraints if answers get long.
  3. The moderator will ask members of the audience to pose questionswithout comments-i.e., editorializing. The forum is designed to hear candidates' views and not the audience's.
  4. The audience will have the option to ask questions verbally themselves or they can write their questions on cards for the moderator to ask.  The first part of the forum will be verbal questions and the latter part will use the written questions.
  5. If a member of the audience asks that a question be answered yes or no,the candidates will be allowed to qualify or explain their answers. The forum is meant to help voters understand the candidates' positions, not force candidates to select answers they don't feel comfortable about.
  6. If questions or answers become repetitive or courtesy is not shown, the moderator will intervene.
And remember to put your leg over your bicycle, head to your local polling place and ROCK THE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 5TH!

Vertical loop on a bike?

This is a weird one to understand with the whole physics thing, but it's worth watching. I'm sure that you've never seen this happen on a bike.

Third Annual Bozeman Bike Count - Volunteers Needed

Counting Bicycles
Bozeman’s third annual bicycle count is scheduled to coincide with the national bike count between 5 and 7pm on Tues. Sept 10th, Wed Sept 11th, and Thurs Sept 12th.

In 2011 Bozeman volunteers counted over 4,700 bicyclists at 12 locations and 5,519 bicyclists at 15 locations in 2012!   Please volunteer a few hours to document bicycle use and promote improved bike facilities.  Your volunteer time will help ensure accurate data which will be provided to our local, state, and federal governments as well as non-profit organizations to better our cycling infrastructure and programs.  

To sign up for a volunteer slot, pick your chosen time (or times) by using our "Sign Up Genius" here:

Upon sign up you will receive an email with the count forms and instructions.  You will also have the option to set up a time to meet in person to answer any questions if you feel it necessary.  Please share this link with friends who may want to get involved in creating a more bicycle friendly Bozeman.

This message is brought to you by the Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board (BABAB) Members

Get Ready for the Double Nickels in the Dirt this Weekend

Morganzo 55 to run on Aug. 10, 2013

The date has been set for the 2013 running of the Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime. Join us August 10th at the corner of Dry Creek & Theisen Roads at 9am for 55 miles of gorgeous gravel.

  • No entry fee.
  • No support.
  • First one done gets first crack at the beer.
Last year's inaugural was a blast so we'll spread the word more broadly this time around.

More info as the date nears.

Just Do It

Inspiring story about building a better community.

How did that road get there that we ride our bikes on?
  It was paid for by taxpayers and built by the city employees.

How did that dirt path get there that we ride our mountain bikes on?

Alpe D'Huez Fan Gets Tripped Chasing Tejay Van Garderen

new 29er fork

It's ugly as hell, but it's supposed to be damn light.

Cycling across Kyrgyzstan

Here is an inspirational video about cycling across Kyrgystan. It's 25 mins long. Enjoy.

Do it for Casey.

I know this is The Bozeman Fix, but you guys want to support cycling infrastructure all over Montana, right?

Go here to support a cycling infrastructure project in Missoula.


Big Sky Adventure Ride Series

The Big Sky Adventure Ride Series was just posted up at L-Train Station and I wanted to share it here.
Click here for the complete original posting.

Big Timber Loop 
Sunday June 23, 2013
80ish miles leaving from Livingston and heading through the West Boulder and up to Big Timber for resupply. Then return along the Yellowstone River to recovery pizza and beer at the Murray Bar in Livingston. 60/40 dirt/pave ratio. Only 3300ft of climbing all in the beginning. Significant wind makes or breaks this ride. (Usually breaks it.) All day ride: 6+ hours.

Pony Express
Sunday July 7, 2013
Need to start early. Like 8am. Around the Tobacco Roots on mostly dirt roads. Pony to Alder to Twin  Bridges. Resupply here. Then back up the Jefferson River:
Option A: near Waterloo go right,  up and over the Tobacco Roots to the South Boulder then Pony. Includes singletrack trail and a big climb. Whee!
Option B: ride north to Cardwell, get a beer and a donut at the store, and then head up the South Boulder to Carmichael rd. to Pony. Stays flatter. Little bit of pave.

 Significant climbs. I think it is 80-100 miles. 90/10 dirt/pave. This will take all day. 8+ hours.

Morganzo 55
Saturday August 10, 2013
North of Bozeman/Belgrade, all dirt road. Starts at Dry Creek/Thiesen Rd? No services except for water at the Pass Creek School. Bring snacks. 3,800ft of climbing. 100% dirt.

Ruby Ramble? Gravelly Grinder? VC 75??
Sat. Aug 24, 2013
This is the crown jewel. This ride is gonna be unreal! Leave out of Virginia City up and down to Varney Bridge. Then a big climb up up up the Gravelly Range Road. Ride south on top of the world with incredible views of the Madison, Ruby, and Centennial mountains. Drop down into the Ruby drainage and back past the resevoir. Take a right: Up and over again to Nevada City. Few miles on pave back up to the start at VC. This has major climbing. And I haven't figured out the water supply points yet. Carry all your food for sure. 80ish miles. 95% dirt. All day for sure.

Bozeman Pass
Start in Livingston. Out Willow Creek up and down Jackson Creek and into Bozeman. Fuel up. Then out Bear Canyon, over to Trail Creek rd, and over to Paradise Valley and back up to Livingston. 80ish miles. 60/40 dirt pave? Murray Bar recovery pizzas.


Stolen in Bozeman, May 21st
The bike is a Pinarello FP5, Blue and white with Dura Ace components. 
I am training for my first ever IRONMAN event, one third of the race is riding 112 miles soo I thought I should get myself a good bike to train and race with. I got the bike about a month ago. Retails for about $3000. I rode 500 Miles on it in the last 15 days hoping to hit 1000 for the month of may.
The story of how it was stolen:
On May 21st I set out to do an epic ride. I rode from my house to the hyalite reservoir and down 4 times. Totaling 86 miles and 7100 vertical feet. As I make my journey home I go through a bit of mud and realize I shouldn't take my bike inside my house (where I always keep it) until I clean it. So I decided to put it in my garage. The next morning I wake up for my swim and go out to the garage where my car is parked. I open the back door and casually glance down to baby blue (that is what I call my bike)...I froze and almost broke down crying realizing someone had stolen it. I notice the main door is wide open, and I made sure to close it the night before. My thought is someone was eyeing that bike for some time now and finally had there chance to sneak in on that windy night and escape through the main door. Nothing else was missing...just baby blue.
If you have information regarding this theft please e-mail using the address located at the bottom left of this page.  

Save the Date: Aug. 10 for Morganzo 55

This year's running of the Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime is set for Saturday, August 10th.

Ride gorgeous gravel that rolls and winds its way along the west side of the Bridger mountain range near exotic Maudlow, MT.

See here for a recap of last year's inaugural. As always, this event is fully self-supported (water re-fills available at Pass Creek elementary around mile 40).

Gun goes off at 9am at the corner of Dry Creek Rd. & Theisen Rd. Limited parking available so carpool or ride there if you can.

Here's the cue sheet.

First one done gets first crack at the beer, so bring a few to share.

WRP Online Trail Guide Looking for Submissions

WRP is building upon our online community of knowledgeable trail guides by expanding the FEATURED RIDES page on our website. We want to create a rider-generated, online resource for residents and visitors to find out about all the great trails the Gallatin Valley has to offer.  If you haven’t explored the page on our website yet take a minute to do so here: We have a few rides up now but we need more and we want you to help!


Stolen in Billings, MT on Wednesday, May 8th.  If you have info please e-mail thebozemanfix-at-gmail.

*** Update: The Bozeman Fix spotted this bicycle on eBay in Sep. 2014 and contacted the original owner.  To the best of our knowledge the bike was retrieved successfully. ***

14" lime green Surly 1x1 with custom red painted Surly Large Marge rims laced to green anodized CHRIS KING single speed disc hubs. The rear wheel is flipped to make it a fixed gear (bolted on tomi cog - Green CHRIS KING headset, Green Salsa seat collar, Selle Italia LADY saddle, red dirty dog SKULL stem, cinelli valencia bars, green origin8 cranks, green translucent animal flat pedals, green chain & green oury grips. green cable housing for front disc brake with salsa RASTA quick release skewer. There are also 2 small dirty dog red skull housing router covers on the front fork.

15.5" matte black full suspension 2011 Trek Fuel EX 8 with fox suspension. The only aftermarket "upgrades" are MAVIC tubeless cross max wheels, THOMSON elite seatpost, silver Shimano M540 clipless pedals, silver "incredibell" bell on the right side of the handlebar, pink top cap that says "all work and no play is no good at all" on it, silver sticker on the top tube that just says "AWESOME" in the miller high life font, and the outter big ring was replaced with a FSA bash guard.

A police report has been filed. We have the suspects on tape. But no license plate. Finding them will be tough. The only way to catch them will be through finding the bikes and through the cycling community.

Chris Akrigg - Jack of all Trades?

Watch as Chris Akrigg slays it on just about every kind of bicycle there is out there!

Roll Together

As National Bike Month begins, make a promise that applies no matter if you are a bicyclist, a driver, or both. A promise that could transform our streets. A promise that can turn every trip into a better one. A promise that will help us see our fellow travelers as the people we all are—whether we are behind the steering wheel or the handlebars. A promise to travel with compassion. A promise to Roll Together!

People are awesome

Santa Cruz Bronson

I've been suppressing the stoke on mountain biking and trying to hold onto the desire to ski. But this video may have broke the camels back. 
It's totally rad and should help your stoke factor.
ps: if you haven't seen the movie Bronson you should watch it (if you like movies like "Seven" or "Trainspotting") 

Getting Awesome

Billings St. Patty's Polo Extravaganza!

The Billings polo folks are playing this Saturday, March 16th from roughly 12-3.  Game will start once the parade has wrapped up.  Wanted to see if anyone from the Bozeman area is available for the afternoon... we may have some guys from Livingston come down as well.

You can find all our info on the Facebook page

We will be playing on 2nd Ave N.between N. 27th 1/2 and N. 28th.  If the game is going well at 3pm we can move to an alternate location to continue.  - Mike K

Harry Main

This video demonstrates some of the boundaries that are being pushed regarding what is possible on a bike. 

Every trick is notable, but I likes the 360 Backflip over a spine @ 2:05
I love Ed Oxley. He has a beautiful beard and he loves to ride bikes. And his videos are always funny. Check him out on vimeo

Here's his new fatbike:

Tobias Wicke Rips

This video is from 2004 and pretty much all the tricks hold their own today. Just an amazing display of bike control. Enjoy.

Morganzo 55 to run on Aug. 10, 2013

Morganzo 55 to run on Aug. 10, 2013

The date has been set for the 2013 running of the Morganzo 55: Double Nickels on the Grime. Join us August 10th at the corner of Dry Creek & Theisen Roads at 9am for 55 miles of gorgeous gravel.

  • No entry fee.
  • No support.
  • First one done gets first crack at the beer.
Last year's inaugural was a blast so we'll spread the word more broadly this time around.

More info as the date nears.

Road Bike Party outtakes