Polo Recap & Someone Left a Scarf

Last night's polo games were some of the best I've seen. Nice shots, great blocks and passes, and the wrecks. Oh, the wrecks. I'm still laughing about those.

Anyway, somebody left a scarf, and I've got it. Email me if you want it back.


Leverich Stupidity.

That's all I have to say.
Finally, we have a chance at getting some real technical trails in the mountains surrounding Bozeman. The Forest Service lets us go and design and build a trail that is intended to be not only an introduction to some DH specific trails, but a means of seeing the level of commitment the local mountain bike community possesses.

And what happens? within weeks of the trail's completion, some morons go and build jumps. Not even well thought out jumps with nice transitions, nice flow- shitty jumps with flat landings. Sweet. Why go through the trouble to do that work up in Leverich when there's perfectly good loading docks to huck off of in town? Check out John P's post on the Bozeman Trail Report for the details.

Between this and the Critical Mass silliness, I feel like I'm surrounded by assholes!


Velo de los Muertos Alleycat and Freak Show

Note to self: When dressed as a middle-aged Jewish woman, maybe wait a little longer before going to where the alleycat ends. Especially if its early evening and the pizza place is filled with families.

Anyway, lawng story short, our Halloween alleycat went well and was a great time. 20ish people showed up (and not all guys this time!) to do battle with the course, made more difficult with the formidable wind. And about that second manifest? Not sorry. I'm not sorry about the climb above the dump either. I though you would've appreciated a nice vantage point with which to see the sunset.

The fastest riders took about two hours to complete the course, with the final stragglers rolling in something like 30-40 minutes later (I had no watch, so sue me). Steve finished first for the guys and Holly beat out the rest of the women. Most everybody put some good thought and time into their costumes. I won't comment any more on them, just see for yourself.

After beer and pizza at Columbo's most of us rode down to 317 for some trackstand competition (winner: Andrew) and more beer. And more befuddled looks and asinine comments. I wouldn't expect the regular Saturday night 317 crowd to get it.

Thanks to everyone who raced- these things only get more fun with more people.
And Very Special thanks to tart and Stan at Native Optics for the prizes. Well, they were intended for the Velorution Party and Saddle Royale punk bike enduro, but the snow kept the intended recipients away.

See you next time...we do something. There's ideas flying around.
OH- and Andrew's putting on a thing at Bogert (I think) Saturday the 1st (I think) at 7(?). You might want to check those details.

Casey's pics.


Cross Race?

This year's Halloween Alleycat turned into an impromptu Cross Race. Now, by cross race I don't mean we were elegantly dismounting and hopping barriers...no I mean, well...this...

Hey, at least he shaved.

I'm sure a real write up of the Velo De Los Muertos will be forthcoming, but I didn't want to deprive you all of that...and by that, I mean I wanted your eyes to bleed as much as mine.


Reminder- Alleycat tonight!

See you at Bogert. Yes it's at the same place as where the Critical Mess ends, we'll not be there long.

Oh- I've got lots of prizes too. Make sure you thank these guys:
Rockford Coffee
Native Eyewear

See you this evening.

Lame? Or Just Stupid?

C-note sent me a pic today:
Now, one might get the impression that this is something that us here at The Fix would be all about. Bikes! Illegal activities on bikes! Schwinn Airdynes!(?)
But in reality, as much as I love getting a bunch of people together to ride fast through traffic, and as much as I love doing that, I LOATHE Critical Mass. Or more succinctly, what it has become. Especially in Bozeman.
I'm going to get on my curmudgeonly soapbox here. BOZEMAN IS ONE OF THE MOST PLEASANT TOWNS TO RIDE IN. I've ridden where it's shitty- about the worst was Boston in the mid-90's when it was consistently voted "Worst city for bicycling in North America" by Bicycling magazine. Believe you me, Bozeman is blissful. When the worst problem is motorists who are too nice and stop when they don't need to and screw up your plan, there's no fucking need for a Critical Mess.

Ok. I'm calm now.

Besides, why does it have to have anything to do with Obama? What's next? Ski Joring for Obama? Wheat-free cookie baking for Obama? Prince Albert Aficionados for Obama?

I suspect that those who created this event disagree with our involvement in Iraq. Chief among the complaints about us going to war is that we ignored diplomatic recourse and headed right in with guns a-blazin'.
Now, if you feel that on the home front, us cyclists are at war with motorists, oil companies, government, whatever; do we act in the same way that our government has acted? Do we resort to the citizen's equivalent of a "rush to war"? Do we exhaust diplomatic options prematurely?

If you feel that a Critical Mass is necessary in Bozeman, look in the mirror. You'll see a Neocon. Hypocrite.


Here's a link to the site. Tell 'em what you think.

Polo Wednesdays

Don't forget- Polo tonight!
The last few weeks have seen some fantastic games. Fast, hard, and sometimes, someone gets dragged behind a bike.
C'mon down to the playground behind the Hawthorne school. It's just about the most fun you can have on two wheels. Well, there is that alleycat coming this weekend...

PBR: Meet Fixed Gear

Read the story here:

I've got balls.

Street Hockey balls. For tonight. Polo. Hawthorne. 7pm.


Fuck Shifting

From my former home of Minnesota and one of its online communities MORBID (Minnesota Off Road Bikers Into Drinking) comes a fancy new sticker that you might appreciate.  This would probably look nice opposite Sten's "One Fucking Speed" bling.  FYI, I am showing up for polo tonight and I hope some others appear as well. 

Bike Fight!

Kung Fu at it's finest!

Velo de los Muertos Alleycat, October 25th

Ok, sallies. Mark your calendars. Saturday, October 25th is when we'll be having our next alleycat. Meet at 5:30 PM at Bogert Park. Bring $5. And a pen, and a bag. You'd better have a costume, too. It doesn't matter what the weather is, the race is going on.

See you then.


Snow? Winter? Hah!

Saddle Royale and Velorution party are still on!

TomorrowTODAY at noon- stage one of Saddle Royale: Alleycat.
Meet at Rockford Coffee at noon.

From there, you will attend other events. Not telling what those are, but one does involve a bbq.

6pm, Saturday night is the Velorution Party at the Lindley center. Movies, DJ, Beer, polo, more Because of the weather, we'll NOT have mini bike crits and polo. We will, however, have Rockysprints. If you didn't race in the Saddle Royale then it's a $5 requested donation for the Bike Kitchen. 21+, please.

10am, Sunday Morning. Meet at Rockford for coffee and a leisurely cruise to Lindley Park to watch the Cyclocross race. Various noise-making devices are heartily encouraged. Gin will not be provided.

After the race- more Saddle Royale!

See you there.


Chucks gonna get ya!

Chuck norris can do a wheelie on a unicycle!

Chuck Norris says get your saddle weary ass to the bike fest this weekend or else!

Short Polo Notice, Sorry!

I'm not going to make it tonight. Neither are Sam and Casey. Cap'n E might, but if he does it will be late.
If you want to play, swing by my place and pick up the mallets, they'll be outside.


F60 Results

First, I want to give a big "Hell Yeah!" to all 17 of you came out to play today. I was impressed with the numbers that came out, willing to hurt themselves by riding sixty miles on their fixed gears. I'm also impressed with how EVERYONE finished- it wasn't an easy course (especially the last dirt section- hehe).
Props go to John Y. who finished in a flat three hours (!). He rode home with the only prize- a fistful of cash. Here's the finishing order:
  1. John Y. 3:00
  2. Casey 3:16
  3. Marshall 3:17
  4. Sten 3:18
  5. Tim 3:22
  6. Sam 3:22
  7. Nash 3:22
  8. Andrew 3:36
  9. Me 3:41
  10. Tom 3:42
  11. Seth 3:42
  12. Alex 3:56
  13. Alfred 3:56
  14. William 3:56
  15. Alex 4:07
  16. Matthew 4:12
  17. Brian 4:13
  18. Ryan 4:14
The alleycat start was a blast- It doesn't really matter how long the ride is and how much you feel you need to pace yourself, you start riding in traffic with a bunch of other guys and it's a damn race!
The rain mostly held off- some of us got pelted with hail but that felt really good at the time.
Ryan earned his DFL. Early on the first dirt section some guys stopped suddenly and Ryan ended up hitting the deck. That was the last I saw of him until the finish, when he rolled up with a nice, clean deer skull on his stem. He also got two flats.
Those beers at Sir Scott's Oasis in Manhattan sure were tasty!
The evil headwind that can always pop up out in the middle of the valley mercifully stayed away.
Beatty Road. That climb. I've never felt such pain in my legs as on that hill. Blackwood Road was tough too.
Nobody got hit by a car and everybody finished. You all rock!
Thanks to Sam for taking some pics, Casey for getting the spoke cards printed, and Randy for taking care of recording everyone's finishing times. And for taking pics on the course.

I'll be working on putting together a video for later in the week. Until then, keep riding and I'll see you this weekend at the Saddle Royale!

Sam's got some pics here.
Here's a Google Map of the route.


ps. Got a flyer for some bike fun this Friday: the rangnar open, Friday, Oct 10th. 7pm. Bogert Park. Footdown, trackstand comp, sprints. Yeah!

The Fix is In

Photos from your race are online at Sam H's Flickr Page.

Fixty60 Route

I drove the route tonight after work, to make sure that everything was in good shape and that my idea a few weeks ago still made sense.
I was also smitten with a sudden sense of generosity. So to reward those of you who don't merely use this blog as an escape from your daily wage-earning drudgery and actually read it for the articles I present to you:
See you tomorrow. And I'll be riding with yas too.


F60 Reminder!

Sunday morning
Rockford Coffee

That's when and where the pain starts. Especially if the weather forecast holds.

See you tomorrow!


Bailout Bill, Section 211

Here's the bike commuting benefits section form the recentlly-passed Bailout Bill:

Section 211 of the Senate Bailout bill states:

“(a) In General- Paragraph (1) of section 132(f) is amended by adding at the end the following:

`(D) Any qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement.’.

(b) Limitation on Exclusion- Paragraph (2) of section 132(f) is amended by striking `and’ at the end of subparagraph (A), by striking the period at the end of subparagraph (B) and inserting `, and’, and by adding at the end the following new subparagraph:

`(C) the applicable annual limitation in the case of any qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement.’.

(c) Definitions- Paragraph (5) of section 132(f) is amended by adding at the end the following:


    `(i) QUALIFIED BICYCLE COMMUTING REIMBURSEMENT- The term `qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement’ means, with respect to any calendar year, any employer reimbursement during the 15-month period beginning with the first day of such calendar year for reasonable expenses incurred by the employee during such calendar year for the purchase of a bicycle and bicycle improvements, repair, and storage, if such bicycle is regularly used for travel between the employee’s residence and place of employment.

    `(ii) APPLICABLE ANNUAL LIMITATION- The term `applicable annual limitation’ means, with respect to any employee for any calendar year, the product of $20 multiplied by the number of qualified bicycle commuting months during such year.

    `(iii) QUALIFIED BICYCLE COMMUTING MONTH- The term `qualified bicycle commuting month’ means, with respect to any employee, any month during which such employee–

      `(I) regularly uses the bicycle for a substantial portion of the travel between the employee’s residence and place of employment, and

      `(II) does not receive any benefit described in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C) of paragraph (1).’.

(d) Constructive Receipt of Benefit- Paragraph (4) of section 132(f) is amended by inserting `(other than a qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement)’ after `qualified transportation fringe’.

(e) Effective Date- The amendments made by this section shall apply to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2008.”



Smart Transportation in Montana?

I love living in Bozeman. Great cycling town, easy to get away from people, Easy to get to fantastic skiing...but it is difficult and costly to do any significant traveling.
For now.
Congress sent a bill to the Prez Wednesday (and passed) regarding rail safety. I don't know the details, but I do know that Jon Tester included wording in the bill that would require Amtrak to consider restoring the North Coast Hiawatha Route, following I-94 and I-90 from Glendive to Missoula.
We'll certainly have to bring the alleycat and polo scene to Missoula and Billings if this happens. (Makes your Missoula Alleycat idea a bit more feasible C-Note? Hehe.)

Ideally, the line would continue to the west coast. I didn't find anything about that, so if you're interested in being able to take the train from Bozeman to Portland or Seattle call or write Tester and Amtrak.


John Tester's Site.

VELOrution!! Saddle Royale!

What is it?

Saddle-Royale is a 2-day punkbike enduro style race. One bike, many events.
VELOrution Party takes place on Saturday, October 11th at the Lindley Center. Beer, stupid bike games, bike polo, music, movies, and more will be happening.


Check out the VELOrution Bozeman site for more info, or check back here.


ps. Don't forget about the Fixty60 this weeked!

A Glimmer of Hope?

No, this has nothing (directly) to do with Obama.

Over on the LA Times there's a story about the version of the bailout bill that passed the Senate. And while I usually stay away from overtly political content here (and how the situation that lead to the 'need' of said bailout bill developed) there appears to be a shred of common sense inhabiting some representatives:

"It also includes a tax benefit for bicycle commuting sought by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), also a no vote on Monday. And there's an extension of the renewable energy tax credit..."

Are those elements likely to become reality? I sure hope so. Bicycle use and the idea of a great, powerful America are not mutually exclusive.


Stolen Bianchi Milano

Update: Skye just called me to let me know that her bike has been found, someone spotted it outside Arby's. Cheers Bozeman cycling community.

I friend of mine recently had her bike stolen. Keep an eye out.

Saturday morning I woke up to find that my bike was stolen. I was hoping everyone could keep an eye out for it.

It is a Bianchi Milano women's cruiser/road bike. It is teal with red and black grips, tires and seat. There are rear baskets on either side of the seat. The right grip (leather) is all ripped up from an accident I had last year. It is an eight-speed twist shift with a Shimano Nexus internal hub.

The picture attached is the closest thing I could find on the internet, but keep in mind that my bike would have a lower top tube, as it is a women’s-specific frame, and the rear saddle baskets (though these could have been removed).

If you have any information, or see it around town PLEASE let me know. Here is the serial # for the bike, as there are a couple of them around Bozeman: HSL24011. The serial number is on the underside of the bottom bracket. There is also an MSU bike registration sticker under one of the fenders. It is number 7271.

If someone you know has recently acquired one of these, please tell them to return it to 513 W. Curtiss – no questions asked.

Email any info to casey@bozemanbikekitchen.org